Come back to the fold, Rick!

By Al Schumann on Wednesday January 11, 2012 09:54 AM

The communist Santorums are proud of their relative, in spite of his wingnut ways, and if he had a change of heart, a Red change, we'd be proud of him too.

It's not too late. His ancestors could stop rolling in their graves. He doesn't have to be a miserable fascist stooge. I'd gladly offer him my share of the coveted* SMBIVA endorsement.

*It's not coveted, but...

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Rick is opus dei all the way
But his gracious relatives pink thou they be even...
Root for him

I really like that

It's romantic

Al Schumann:

It's an expression of familism. I doubt there would be any ethical reciprocity from Rick.


rick has his reactionary rump
of a universal church and the nuclear family option

fuck extended ties fuck family history

"the foods good though..."

Brian M:

I'll agree with op here. families are all that matter in Italy? How would this clown be a "great president"?

I certainly would never make such a statement about my reactionary-Randroid brother. But then I am American, and we throw our families under the bus.

Brian M:

A quick look at Google Maps Street View...Riva del Garda is pretty "posh" it appears. The town may be "left wing" in the same way as, say, Sausalito.

Al Schumann:

Brian, the Emilia–Romagna region, home to Riva del Garda, is indeed one of the wealthiest parts of the country. It has an interesting history. That's been the stronghold of the PCI, the communist party of Italy, and they have run the region pretty much since WW II. The PCI is not, alas, what it once was. You could call the present day incarnation a bunch of stooges without getting any cavils here. But they did lay the basis for the region's immense and enduring prosperity. They worked an economic miracle in the after of WW II's devastation. What's left of that is more socialistic than socialist and is now increasing neoliberal. But there's still good feeling towards the PCI from the older people.

Santorum's Opus Dei big government conservatism is the resentful ingratitude of a rebellious child who is still hung up on shocking the family. He'd be a perfect president, then, by the terms of our own mainstream politics, with its preference for tawdry, awful neuroses and a body count.

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