Ethical Dilemma

By Al Schumann on Thursday January 12, 2012 07:33 PM

Via zunguzungu.

Should the NY Times engage in journalism? Seriously. The ombudsdude wants to know.

I think this falls into the category of questions that can only be answered physically.

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It wold only make managing the society more difficult. Better to aim towards a seamless coherence.


No great spine possessed by the WaPo's ombudsdude either:

Off the record, I think it’s quite possible. But the ombudsman does not hire or fire people here. I only comment.


I think the (useless, self-indulgent and -aggrandizing) Public Editor's column should simply be called Navel Gazing.

Should the New York Times engage in journalism?

Hell if I know. Should Rod Stewart have gone disco?

Should the New York Times be a... "truth vigilante"?

F'crissakes, I thought they were a goddamn' newspaper.

Oh, well... sigh... Iiiif ya' think I'm sexy, aaaand ya' want my body...

Mike, if you're gonna post a disco tube then plz at least post one with a sexy lady playing the bass in it.


The New York Times... It's like thunder, lightning. The way it loves us is frightening. You better knock... on wood.

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