By Owen Paine on Friday January 13, 2012 12:11 PM

"One hundred years ago this month....."

steve early takes a stab at this near perfect microcosm of an emergent industrial amerika

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Peter Ward:

I sensed disappointingly little mood of unrest when I was in Lawrence a couple weeks ago...but of course the spirit can always be revived.

Forebears on both sides of my mother's family were Bread and Roses strikers. The bulk of that family still calls Lawrence home.


the article draws a nice contrast
these days between lawrence and lowell

two very different paths
imposed by state level decision making

quite a nasty story

"Forebears on both sides of my mother's family were Bread and Roses strikers"

jack it should make your heart swell
every time you think of it

From wikipedia:

"The union established an efficient system of relief committees, soup kitchens, and food distribution stations, while volunteer doctors provided medical care. The IWW raised funds on a nation-wide basis to provide weekly benefits for strikers and dramatized the strikers' needs by arranging for several hundred children to go to supporters' homes in New York City for the duration of the strike. When city authorities tried to prevent another 100 children from going to Philadelphia on February 24 by sending police and the militia to the station to detain the children and arrest their parents, the police began clubbing both the children and their mothers while dragging them off to be taken away by truck; one pregnant mother miscarried. The press, there to photograph the event, reported extensively on the attack. Moreover, when the women and children were taken to the Police Court, most of them refused to pay the fines levied and opted for a jail cell, some with babies in arms."

It was a great act of solidarity for people in cities to take in the children. The capitalist and police pigs couldn't stand that.


the children to new york
was a fantastic piece of sincerely motivated
"showmanship" by the IWW

i think of it often
as a paradigm for
efforts to gain greater wider deeper
community support

keen contrast to the IWW paterson strike of '13

pink boho's in manhattan
put on a strike pageant


pretensious flapdoodle

never under estimate the value of sentimentality

or over estimate the value of avant agitprop

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