marx ?

By Owen Paine on Tuesday January 31, 2012 07:45 PM

want to read ron paul's manifesto ??

here it is

":What they demand is the complete and undisguised ascendancy of the Bourgeoisie, the open, official subjection of society at large under the laws of modern, Bourgeois production, and under the rule of those men who are the directors of that production. By Free Trade they mean the unfettered movement of capital, freed from all political, national and religious shackles. The soil is to be a marketable commodity’ and the exploitation of the soil is to be carried on according to the common commercial laws. There are to be manufacturers of food as well as manufacturers of twist and cottons, but no longer any lords of the land. There are, in short, not to be tolerated any political or social restrictions, regulations or monopolies, unless they proceed from “the eternal laws of political economy,” that is, from the conditions under which Capital produces and distributes. The struggle of this party against the old institutions, products of a superannuated, an evanescent stage of social development, is resumed in the watchword:

Produce as cheap as you can, and do away with all the faux frais of production

And this watchword is addressed not only to the private individual
, but to the nation at large principally.

high society with its “barbarous splendors,” its palaces pools and flunkeys ?

the faux frais of production

The nation can produce and exchange without high society

away with old money and their languid sinecures

the FED and the wall street cabals ?
faux frais of production.

The large standing army?
faux frais of production.

The foreign bases ?
faux frais of production.

The hierarchic Churches, with their riches, the spoils of plunder or of mendicity?
faux frais of production.

Let parsons compete freely with each other,
and everyone pay them according to his own wants.

The whole circumstantial routine of civil Law,
with its juries of helot revenge ?

faux frais of production.

National wars?
faux frais of production.

amerika can exploit foreign nations more cheaply while at peace with them.

You see, to these champions of the vigorous job creating class
every institution of Old crony america with its rent seeking parasites the bureaucrats the poverty pimps
they all appear as part of a giant ceremonial machinery
as costly as it is useless,
and which fulfils no other purpose than to prevent the nation
from producing the greatest possible quantity at the least possible expense
and to exchange its products in freedom.

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next installment

the occupiers pre figured

Paco Picopiedra:

Ouchy's aim is bad. Not a sniper, we can't blame the scope. More a rock-thrower. So it's a bad arm and a bad eye(s). Ron Paul as Karl Marx? Ron Paul as warmonger?

Ouchy can't even do ironic inversion well. All he can do is be a "leftist" with a superior stance.

Superior to what?, one might ask. That'd be a great question. It's NOT academic.

Superior to WHAT, Ouchy?


Thank you
Paco bell

So much better then the greeting of complete silence
I have come to expect

I wish I had ten thousand such commenteers as you

My anarchist friends only respond to direct taunts

I must represent their views
So they can cry liar misrepresenter

I prefer liberals
this site was staged to pull the chin wiskers of liberals

Not ram sticks up black block ass holes

I hope you remembered to get the congressman to sign off on this before you posted it.
Hey, Op, look at it this way: You got PP to use his real name instead of his Künstlername.
Sorry, the Blacks chased Dawson away. Ach! He'll be back.

OP, I can't speak for the other readers you've clashed with in the comments, but for my part, I think your posts are a lot easier to read when MJS massages them into a more standard format. It could also be that they consist so largely of quotations lately.

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