multinational corporate blue print for reindustrialization

By Owen Paine on Saturday January 21, 2012 09:13 AM

i suggest you haters of all thinks corporate
take a quick look at this :

basically its the dark lord's prefered path to re- balanced trade

one has to love the bean town bean counters
real blue sky boys and girls
top shelf consultants

boston consulting group
art little and ...of course .bain consulting




that rookery of limited liability mal practice advice

that roosting hutch for corporate birds of prey

that nest that will live in infamy
the hatchery in the 70'sof one young buzzard by the name of Mitt Romney
perpetual candidate for highest office
the former hands on the balls of straggling outfits

the crony-vulture cap clawman in chief
of nothing les then a bain consulting spin off

bain capital

a firm now getting its crooked gory trail of floating heads and legal peculation
revealed to us all in living color by the gnomes of mayhem


back to the above report

its by bain rival and daddy op
boston consulting group :

gist ?

multi nationals please come home

come back here honey
and start the great reindustrial recycle

grab a part of our burgeoning low wage low employment
commerce and service sector job force


feed em back into a new domestic manufacturing sector

without unions
and with the same low wages shit fringes
Walmart and MacDonalds have come to love

the dream ?

fill the sizeable --- hundreds of billions --
unsustainable industrial trade hole
produced by the 35 year long ploicy contrived gauntlet
profitable destruction
that at long last
in this present convulsion
can stamp
the cio era "OVER"

yes the steel age of plentiful unskilled but organized
high wage industrial jobs is gone forever

but ..... in its place

===with a center of gravity shifted some what south of the ohio ==

you giants of the earth can erect a new plastic age
of unskilled unorganized
low wage re- industrial jobs



see all u lace cuff snuff sniffing " post industrial" hystericals

all along
u were just a pack of limp wristed cackling chicken littles

behold lame effete ones

industrial amerika re ascendent !

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