paine two whole weeks behind the 8 ball

By Owen Paine on Sunday January 22, 2012 10:01 AM

contradictions among the locals
not surprising in the union biz
though more unusual among ilwu locals

the OCC blistering posted earlier
was from seattle local 19
they were fog horning away

this dated january 4 !
is from the actual longview local( 21) :

" The Longview Longshore Fight:
Join the Caravan to Mass Labor Protest -- Defend Our Union and Our Jobs!!!
by ILWU Local 21 "

..... ILWU Local 21 in Longview, Washington is under attack by a giant consortium...EGT .. ....
Longview Local 21 and San Francisco Local 10, Harry Bridges's local,
are asking for your support.....

The struggle is coming to a head ....

.... EGT plans to bring in a ship to load the scab grain stored in their terminal in Longview.

This could happen at any time, possibly in mid- to late-January.

We are urging workers to join a caravan to go to Longview from your area when the ship comes in ....

If thousands of union brothers and sisters show up ... along with supporters in other unions ..

the Occupy movement
who have aided the struggle against EGT in Longview,

we can put a stop to this union-busting operation...."


goes on to itemize OCC support actions:

".... On Nov. 2,
Occupy Oakland mobilized 30,000 people to shut down the port to show their "commitment to solidarity with Longshore workers in their struggles against EGT in Longview, Washington." Local 21 President Dan Coffman speaking about Nov. 2 at Occupy Oakland said, "You can't believe what you people did for the inspiration of my union members. . ." ...."

".... on Dec. 12,
Occupy called to shut down the coast in support of the struggle in Longview. Again shipping in the port of Oakland was shut down, along with terminals in Seattle, Portland and elsewhere....."

close :

We're all in this together. ...
Northwest locals have stepped up to the plate..
as has the Occupy movement.

Now it is everyone's turn. Together we have the power! Use it or lose it...."

January 4, 2012


full text

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I live just down the road from Longview and I am acquainted with ILWU who live in the area. They've been radicalized quite a bit more than fellow ILWU up and down the west coast. The police and local authorities have been coming down on the local ILWU pretty hard with arrests, beatings and threats.

I wish the best for them and if I can get away from my own stupid job I'll go support them.


if you get out there
may Clio bless you oh drunkin one !

thanx for the close in view

I used to show a film to my classes about Eugene Debs. An old timer who knew Debs said that a police billy club was a most educative experience.

There is a post at that provides some more details.

There will soon be another post on mrzine that will also deal with the upcoming use of the Coast Guard to guard the ship as it comes from Astoria down the Columbia to the EGT at the Port of Longview. Covers OWS and ILWU too.

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