pollit strikes back !

By Owen Paine on Friday January 6, 2012 09:12 AM


"What is it with progressive man crushes on right-wing Republicans? .....
Supporting Ralph Nader in 2000 was at least a vote for one's actual politics.
Supporting Ron Paul is just a gesture of frivolity--or despair."

go read Pollitt's detailing here :

what a hell of a 666 list She makes of Paul's domestic policy aims !!!!...yikes
move over john calhoun

i guess it isn't just crypto neo cons out to scorch the baby doctor from texas

and here's Her list of paleface pwogmen
she'd give them "forty wacks" too :

" Ron Paul is getting the love.

At Truthdig, Robert Scheer calls him "a profound and principled contributor to a much-needed national debate on the limits of federal power."

InThe Nation, John Nichols praises his "pure conservatism,""values" and "principle."

Salon's Glenn Greenwald is so outraged that progressives haven't abandoned the warmongering, drone-sending, indefinite- detention-supporting Obama for Paul that he accuses them of supporting the murder of Muslim children.

There's a Paul fan base in the Occupy movement

at Counterpunch.... Alexander Cockburn is a longtime admirer.

Paul is a regular guest of Jon Stewart, who has yet to ask him a tough question."

holy zooks bat man !!!!!

and this final pranger from what is prolly Pollitt 's deepest spiritual pocket :

" And yes, these are all white men "

then the tres snide :

" if there are leftish white women and people of color
who admire Paul, they're keeping pretty quiet."

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Oh, sweet fuckin' Jeezus.

I honestly don't know who's stupider -- the Pwogs who drooled all over Obama, or the ones who are drooling all over Ron Paul. Right when I thought they couldn't get any more stupid and desperate than they were in '08...

Let's not forget this loon's racist newsletters from the mid '90s, nor his agreement that people who can't afford healthcare should be allowed to die -- with zesty applause from the Teabagger crowd in attendance.

Btw, I witnessed some of Paul's "base" first-hand, the last time he ran for El Presidente:



This is a fluff piece. It's full of Dem-party talking points/propaganda induced liberal misunderstandings about what RP's positions actually mean in reality.

And there's no comparison between pwogs who fell for the Obama scam, and the pwogs who are supporting Paul. Granted, many of the latter probably have all kinds of naive misunderstandings about how the political system actually works, just like the Obama-supporters, but at least they've properly prioritized Imperialism, war, and militarism as the most important issues.

I'm all for prioritizing Uncle's nasty little hegemonist crusades, but I think it's probably worth noting that Americans have a far higher tolerance for foreign adventure than they do for high joblessness.

I don't think it's "improper" for a person to prioritize her personal plight over the too-distant conflicts in Eastbumfuckistan.


This is very inside the Fieldston School stuff.
They're all loons, all of them including horrible TMI poetess Pollitt, who is big buds with Jon Wiener of the Nation, who is best buds with the aforementioned John Nichols. Jon Stewart is the Shecky Greene of the alternative world, pouring tea and crumpets for the war criminals of our Beltway, with Cockburn praising every Christan militia nut with a base.
Check out a fine recent Kasama Project kerpiffle about Father Coughlin Paul with one commenter asking how a rad outfit could endorse Cato Criminal Institute honoree Glenn fucking Greenwald, and getting only mush back.
If only St. Todd Gitlin could have stopped the Weatherman from taking over his beloved SDS, we'd all have been looking at a rockin' time in the White House.


Katha's displaying two essential liberal talents: lecturing and hectoring.

Also, she employs the common, pedestrian conversation-stopper: guilt by association with white racists.

I'm with Flugg on this one. And I don't see how this KP column is actually a DP memo. Obama would love nothing better than to face Ron Paul (if it were actually possible). Being even wronger is hardly a good response to conventional propaganda/politics. And, personally, I don't trust libertarians as far as I can throw them on the topics of war and civil rights. Where were they during the Cold War? Nowhere, that's where.

Need we mention Mr. Paul's unquestioning belief in "nations" (despite their rather deep connections to states) and his military proposal for the Mexican border?

mjosef sez on 01.06.12 @17:32:
Jon Stewart is the Shecky Greene of the alternative world, pouring tea and crumpets for the war criminals of our Beltway...

God damn you, man. You owe me a new keyboard. "Shecky Greene"... that's fuckin' rich, man.

Michael Dawson sez on 01.06.12 @19:46:
Obama would love nothing better than to face Ron Paul...

Y'know, early in the GOP nomination fracas, I found myself hoping for a zany like Bachmann or Perry to get the nod just for the sheer cheap laffs value. Then, one morning, I caught Romney on TV running from his own "Massachusetts Miracle" as if it were on fire because it was used as the basis for the Dreaded Socialist Obamacare and, along with laughing harder than I'd laughed even at Bachmann's zaniest spewage, it made me take a look at the long view as opposed to the short-term entertainment value. Spending the better part of a year having to watch the Black Romney trying to differentiate himself from the White Obama might be just what The American Voterâ„¢ needs to finally convince him/her/itself that this whole freak show is a great big sham, and that there really is no difference between the Neofascist Batshit Wing and the Tepid Centrist Wing of The Party, and that their energy would be better spent working to speed the system's collapse instead of propping it off by slogging down to the nearest public school cafeteria to punch a chad.

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