“right to work” (for less)

By Owen Paine on Tuesday January 3, 2012 04:18 PM

right now
looks like it's gonna be indiana that's the class struggle storm center
at least on the union dues depletion front

in wisconsin new jersey ohio etc etc the GOP union ball crusher went after our dear pub sec unions

but indiana's gub tweetie bird Daniels is after the whole ball of wax
public AND private sector unions alike


the point of attack ???
why the pie card's life's blood
the damn mandatory dues stream


the nasty little notion behind this is as obvious as can be.... right ??

make it hard to collect dues and the thugish dues hound parasites
will have to go elsewhere if they want to find fresh batches of ass hole innocent job holders to gouge
and what's more its estimated existing dues streams will flow less robustly

okay okay ya ya ..carefully assembled stats seem to suggest the cause and effect hypothesis
may actually get support from social reality out there not just the devilish minds of union busters

cut the dues stream and the pie cards own rule of thumb cost benefit calcs signal "not worth it " nope
no matter how hot to trot an unorged shop may be to org up

that said
what clearly has never been established of course not
is the anti union sunday punch line:

"unions in the long run reduce wages " !

sure sure corporate mangement is only after flexibility not wage suppression ..right ??
"give us a free hand and we will lift all boats "
oh ya ...while on the subject of the hoosier state
here's some unfortunate evidence the bad guys
can quickly adjust " state " repression methods when necessary

recall the people power madison state house occ ??

well indiana gov " tweetie bird" has vowed to prevent a second madison

among other moves the gov got his banjo legislature to pass a citizen crowd control law

listen up:
as of january 1st 2012
no more citizens allowed inside the state house at one time
then the cops can drown in the atrium fountain !


i posted this for two reasons


simply to suggest there are plenty of warmed up political scraps around these days at the state level
and each one is prolly a class battle ground far more signifigant
then that two peckered painted hose white house tractor pull



i'd love to here one of our bottom up level-archist wunderkind
lecture me on the horrors of compulsory dues deductions

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