State of the Bunion

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday January 24, 2012 11:46 PM

So did anybody actually watch the God-Emperor's speech from the throne tonight? I did not; I have a certain tendresse for the few brain cells I have left. I gather from email chatter that it might have been written by Tom Friedman; a thoroughgoing corporate manifesto with a few farthings thrown to the canaille.

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I was eating fish sticks and french fries with my son, and we flitted in twice. The first snippet was Zero bragging on his innovation of redoubling the military presence in the East. The second was him yammering -- and for once, that is exactly the right word -- about the fact that the nation's freedoms rest on the shoulders of our fine combat personal.

You can't make this stuff up. This is the "opposition" party.


And yet, Mike -- I can't resist the dig -- you wonder why I have lost interest in electoral politics?

MJS, I never thought you had interest in it. I always thought you were providing a record of how the scam works, how the money and the power makes it all pointless.

Now is the hour of maximum SMBIVA power.

I admit that might also be the end of the blog. But that's not how I see it. Why not record how this is happening?

Meanwhile, I bid you a good night from 3 hours afore ye...


Thanks for the pep talk MD. No sarcasm intended at all; you're absolutely right. Yes there's still plenty to do; and the spirit is willing but from time to time the flesh is weak.


Allow me to sum up Dear Leader's remarks:

A country that kills together, stays together.

Watched a robot movie with my kids instead. Upon reading snippets after, though, I could not dissolve the notion that this time, for real, They mean to get their hot war in Iran.

While Obama was smugly spouting his lies through the cathode ray tube, I was busy killing brain cells in a more pleasurable fashion by drinking a bottle of Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. It's got an ABV of about 9%, so I'd have to drink seven or eight of them to kill the same number of brain cells that would be wasted by watching five minutes of ObamaSpeak or reading one Digby post.

Michael Hureaux:

I can't watch him because I can't afford the wear and tear on my bridgework. I just want to choke that smiling house nig-row butcher until he can't breathe. But there are other small satisfactions, since we can't strike out at President Cutie Pie. I have to settle for the termination of friendships of several decades' duration; you know, all those fuckers who used to ride me about how dogmatic my cute little opposition effort was back in my king of the black nationalist poet days. Now that the brave new world has come to be, many of my so-called teachers and elders are so busy pattering off behind the party line in search of tenure or what have you that they don't smell the stench of burning flesh on their own clothing. One of my "mentors" got bent out of shape over this Obama question a few weeks ago when I asked him if this was really how he and his "comrades" opposed the Vietnam War and Lyndon Johnson, you know, this capitulation shit with O'Bomber. I guess I just want too god damned much from people, or at least, so I was told. Silly me.


Troville: Excellent choice of brain killing mechanism!

I understand Mini-me gave the Republican "rebuttal". How bad was that?

Al Schumann:

My thesis is that his speeches are some sort of conformity experiment; deliberately absurd and bizarre, in order to weed out the non-believers. I think most political bloviation falls into that category. They're not really speaking, or saying anything. There's no quality of meaningful communication. These are salesmen, after all. They're testing the strength of their brand consumers' operant conditioning. Those that fail the test get ankle biting punishment. Those that pass, get to be ankle biters.

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