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By Michael J. Smith on Friday January 6, 2012 07:38 PM

It's been a bad couple of weeks reading correspondence from my Lefty comrades. To begin with, the whole Ron Paul thing left nearly all of them flat-footed and empty-handed, without a useful analytical tool anywhere within reach, apart from the usual tire-iron concepts like 'racist reactionary'. Which is certainly true of Ron Paul, as it is of every other current presidential candidate, not to mention the incumbent god-emperor Himself.

Even the Lefties who thought there might be something positive to be seen in Paul's anti-imperial palaeocon constituency hastened to distance themselves from the thought of actually voting for the guy. But really, why not?

There's a lot to be said for single-issue voting. Several friends of mine are now fervent supporters of that vile Blue Dog, Andrew Cuomo, because he went all-out for single-sex marriage, and delivered, and this is an issue that matters in their lives. When I'm speaking with them and the subject comes up, my counter-arguments die on my lips. He actually did something important for them; and though I hate the guy like poison, I can't blame my friends for taking a different view.

So what are my single issues? Or at least, my two or three top issues? That's easy: war and empire and the police state. These have been my hot buttons since the year I first got laid and started taking an interest in politics, which was 1966. I think. Around then, anyway.

I'm quite close to collecting Social Security, and I will be very pissed if they take it away, but would I keep Social Security at the price of keeping the Predators droning over Afghanistan? Would you? In keeping with my respect for single-issue voting, I won't hate you if you answer 'yes'. But personally, my answer is 'no'. Your mileage may vary, but I'd be ashamed.

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Y'know, I commented on The Ron's rightist reactionary racist "values" in a post a little ways down; I suppose I should've pointed out then that what you said -- that is, yeah, The Ron is a racist puke, but then so are all the rest of them including The Bama in his own way -- but I figured everybody reading the thread already knew that.

I guess my main point was -- the universal racism of The Bama and the entire GOP field being beside the point -- that while Pwogs falling all over Obama in '08 was batshit enough, the bunches of Pwogs creaming themselves over Rondo in '12 have pretty much busted the Goofy Meter.

Also, I don't think the question you ask is fair to those of us on the verge -- or, in my case, the verge of the verge -- of collecting Social Security. A different choice should be posed, and not to the People, but to the politicians, and that choice should be: would you keep Social Security at the price of not having a mob string you up by your heels and use you as a piñata?

Wishful thinking, I know, but, still... c'mon, you know it really needs to happen.


I don't disagree with a word of this, Mike, except for one phrase:

bunches of Pwogs creaming themselves over Rondo in '12
That's just not happening, far as I can see. In fact even the Pwogs who do have a cautious good word to say for RP hedge it about with so many qualifications and escape clauses that it all ends up being pretty feeble. Unlike '08, when they really drank the Kool-Aid.

My biggest single issue is also the breaking of the American Empire, at any cost, especially if that cost falls on the American people who are actually responsible for it.

Until the insanity of imperial dreams is cured nothing else good can happen in this country. It is the root of many other evils of which we speak and a dark cloud over the rest of the world.

The question to me is who should suffer the cost of breaking the American Empire? The people of America or the people in the rest of the world? I know my answer.


Fuck this either or shit. I'm with MF. Anyone touches SS gets the full Mussolini without the benefit of being shot first.

While I agree with the essence of what you're saying, I don't feel that Ron Paul (or any of the other clowns running for political office of any type, for that matter) are going to have one iota of influence on ending the American Empire.

Both parties' common interest is to preserve the status quo. True, each party seeks to dominate the other, but their shared interest is to ensure that no one upsets their apple cart.

The problem is that their apple cart is bought and paid for by the beneficiaries of the American Empire, i.e., the military industry, the financial industry, vested interests within the government Apparat, and so on.

Only thing Paul could do of any import (since a putative Paul Admin would never be allowed to actually stop militarizing) would be to campaign on universal guaranteed income.

And he's such a Bircher/Randian, that's like asking Obama to give up his drone love.


I appreciate the support for single-issue voting. Mine happens to be the Drug War, since that's where my particular ox gets gored, but that does dovetail nicely with your concern re: police state.

Explaining my Gary Johnson bumper sticker to my BHO-backing stepfather, I had this to say about that: "I'm not willing to vote for anyone who thinks I should be in jail". Pretty persuasive politics, by my lights.

I'll likely vote RP in the primary, for similar reasons.

Peter Ward:
bunches of Pwogs creaming themselves over Rondo in '12
Indeed, based on the sample presented by my mailing list substitute, the FB group Declare your independence from the Democrats, far more left-leaners denounce Paul-apologists than are Paul-apologists--in fact as far as I can tell I'm the only Paulist reactionary in the house, and have been duly outed as a Libertarian troll.

Thank you. I would say I have three "hot-button" issues and they are war/empire, the police state, and socio-economic justice. I would also say they are inextricably intertwined. So if I were the voting kind (like you, I'm not, except I did get a kick in 2008 from writing in Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Castro and then checking the returns for my precinct to see if they counted my vote) I guess my calculus would be similar to yours, but I would know ahead of time that anyone who advocates an end to war-empire and the police state but who at the same time doesn't seem care about social justice is either being unrealistic or else dishonest about their intentions.


Oh, and one more thing. Whoever is a serious candidate for President of the U.S. is in my opinion trying out to be the next War-Criminal-in-Chief, I don't care what (s)he says.


Although a member of what Auden called the Homintern, I wouldn't cut any slack for a vile politico because he happens to be not-so-bad on gay issues. There is more than one room in my foreclosed McMansion of a soul. Were I to ignore "war and empire and the police state," then I end up living in one little room, so to speak, and hope that nobody will ever bust down the door.

On the other hand, I am certainly a single-issue non-voter. If a candidate treats me and my "kind" as hate-bait, hoping to scrounge up a few extra points in the polls by doing so, then I wouldn't care a rat's hindquarters if he had an impeccable record on all other issues combined. It's a matter of self-respect.

And so on down the line for other issues. It irks me, for example, to hear women get slagged if they won't vote for a candidate "merely" on the question of abortion. Why should they? The candidate has already flunked their test; and mine, too, for that matter. And if this means voting for no one at all — well, this is no sin in the catechism of anyone here. Votes have to be earned: no one gets them by default. If no one has earned them, so be it.


Antonello -- You got it exactly right I think. But I sorta thought 'homintern' was Gore Vidal, not WHA. On the other hand, it's certainly an Auden-ish coinage.


Ya I go with Tony o too on the use of a vote

I really see it as a very limited expression
And the. Vanity cum sin of using it as a means of personal expression .....

Btw I like mjs line

By the call in


Of the form
" I'm against x and i don't care who knows it"

Where x is any over certified pinko value


I'm against American empire and I don't care who knows it


I also like the use of tire iron concept to describe most. Pinko attack lines

Especially when you are de constructing the pinkos thinker-ratus

How often do we all silly respond with some combo of tire irons
I mow I have a nice big collection

That said
I still suggest greeting a stranger with a tire iron

If the cuff so much as hints at some imminent display
Of pinko tire ironing use of feminism racism classism
That red broth caldron
Of parlor fury
The alphabet soup thing what is it
Lengthens every year or two

Btw I'm against anti questioning and I don't care who knows it

I disparage distain and despise

I'm not an organizational appendage at this sorry stage
in my peregrine pilgrimage
no matter how much I might wish otherwise

So I have the license to be an ass hole


The alphabet soup thing what is it
Lengthens every year or two

I can never remember it, either. It might as well be an eye chart.

Al Schumann:

I get around the memory problem by attempting to recall that every human I meet is human, and may very well respond better if I keep that in mind. It's a simplistic, Golden Rule kind of thing, but...

On happy note, Ron Paul has been challenged by the only serious Democrat in the race. Vermin Supreme offered to take on him and any other contender in a variety of dignified wrestling matches.

Al Schumann:

The article, linked above, notes that Vermin Supreme taunted Ron Paul by playing the chicken dance through his megaphone. Fans of the Lawrence Welk show may recall the episode (a word used advisedly) in which viewers were instructed in the proper performance of the steps and articulations. "Traumatized forever...", was one viewer's response. He'd been taking acid, so that's to be expected.

Nancy Pelosi updated the dance, techno style, for the Democratic Party's 2008 convention. No one took acid for the show, as far as I can tell, but there may have been a little crystal molly making the rounds.

Al Schumann:

Bopping along down the video trail, George Carlin and OWS footage.


Al u chasten me

Every one I meet of the human kind hence forth

shall benefit from this lesson you taught me

It's all in this simple phrase change

don't do on to others as they DID on to you last time

Do on to others as they WILL DO onto you
Next time

Rational expectations

Al Schumann:

That's not quite it. What I have in mind is extensive benefit of the doubt and taking everything in good faith, until it's not worth the effort; at which point, call it quits if you're allowed to do so.


double chastened

this time for staged pomposity

not a subject for cheap mocks

except on sunday

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