uncle nerf casts his line

By Owen Paine on Thursday January 19, 2012 03:01 PM

administered after jackng up the OCCers in a love note

maybe it was not just inevitable

but at the very apex of saying his piece on the OCC

doesn't the CP's chair-comrade Sam Nerf

get into laying down
for time ten zillion plus one
his party's now vintage
"strategic mass line"


"Which brings me to this year's elections. My impression is that some - maybe the majority - in the Occupy movement see the election process in its two-party form as an invitation to cooptation, and therefore they adopt an attitude of electoral abstentionism. This is mistaken in my opinion. Such a posture isolates Occupy from the main social forces and organizations in the country whose energies and resources will be focused in the electoral arena of struggle this year."

yup but forget that friends here's the real big meat ball right here :

"Moreover, the outcome of the election will set the broad parameters of struggle in the coming period. The defeat of the Republican right will position the people's movement to address, among other things, the inequality and exploitation that is built into our (capitalist) 1 percent vs. 99 percent society. On the other hand, a victory by the right will set the stage for the right to complete and consolidate a counterrevolution that began with the Reagan presidency three decades ago. "

total foolkrieging

the notion "the right " if they win the white house

"will ...complete and consolidate a counterrevolution "

is a hysterical joke

and on the other hand
as father S often points out here

present white hat unitary potus Barry o'Barry
has done a fair bit of
" completing and condolidating and counter revolving hizzseff " no ?

can u say NDAA ?

any real point paine ?

the coming "king for the next 4 "
jumping frog contest
makes no major difference either way

forget about it

except as a relaxing friend of a nite's sound sleep

quite the contrary comrade Sam

"the broad parmeters of struggle in the coming period "

are not up for a choice
here not in the slightest

whether administered with bare knuckles or thru a well padded glove

a punch in the nose is a punch in the nose


if there's to be a change in" broad parameters"

its out on the public commons and down in job places
where serious change must begin

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What, is the CPUSA pissing its pants and running to the Democrats again? Y'mean, after Obummer's handling of Deepwater Horizon, and the Historically Historic Healthcare Bill, and the drone strikes on civilians, and leaving Guantanamo open, and rolling over on the debt ceiling "crisis", and the NDAA?

Why do they even bother having a Communist Party, if they just chicken out and support the Democrats whenever the going gets tough?

Jeezus, what a bunch of pansies.


Mike might I submit this thought

Pansies is a poor choice of label

The old bastards had their day and the organization they keep going
Has a history of courage and repression no contemporary
wild eyed anarchist can match until they become bombers

Yes the geritol marxists of the party core
Have by clear steps starting in the mid 50's
Thru three generations of leadership
Moved to a calcified unrecipricated "alliance "
With the democrat party
To first oppose the imperialist trans national corporate powers
Then the reactionary corporate powers
Now the most reactionary corporate powers

He'll they'd support Mitt over Gingrich
Rather then throw away their support on a nader type marginal option

In fact by supporting Barry in the frog jumping contest
-- as opposed to ignoring this top level of the apparatus "choice"---
The CP nerfiat cadre
Are confirming the substance in the lesser evil label
When that substance is a mirage

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