wages at the bottom of amerika

By Owen Paine on Tuesday January 31, 2012 04:18 PM


"The United States has the highest share of low-wage work in the OECD countries
..... the incidence of low-wage work in the United States has been rising for at least three decades, from just over 20 percent in 1979 to just under 30 percent in 2010"

defined how

those with wages at least one third lower then national median wage

compare to ??

take france she's under 12%

interesting data here worth a look

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Interesting indeed.


What's the first derivative of the same stat in the other OECD countries over the same time interval? I bet it's down too. As always, we Amurricans lead the world, and all those poor frog-eaters and other Yurrupeans just have to tag along in our train. A shining city on a hill -- that's us.


Anyone read Eagleton's "Why Marx Was Right"? Worth a look?


yes neo liberal policy by the hegemon
pulls every other trading partner
more or less
in the same direction

something in the numbers strikes me as suspcious however

belgium 4% vs us at 25% or what ever

isn't being counted the same way
in both nations

lots more needs excavation here

but my my
is it a nice eye opener
for anyone interested in nation specific
comparative ratios
and their directions and speeds of change

Paco Picopiedra:

Keep polishing your statue of Karl Marx, Ouchy Dawson Smith Flugennock. Maybe a genie will erupt from The Marx's mouth and grant you three wishes.

You're mighty persuasive when you adopt the fake-humble Smith persona, but the opposite when you pretend to be OW! IN PAIN! Chomsky. The Ouchy character is more obnoxious than self-proclaimed genius Michael Albert.


Michael Albert ?

He of paracon fame or what ever it's called ?

Now that iIS a delicious insult my friend


Al Schumann:

I guess the jig is up. I may as well admit that Paco has "us" pegged. I'd claim to be the mastermind of the hoax, but I'm not even a real person. I'm a recombinant perl bot, unleashed in the final days of the Soviet Union by vengeful KGB hackers.

MARX WILL COME AGAIN! There is no god but Marx and Lenin is his prophet...

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