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By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday February 29, 2012 01:52 PM

I love this gesture, so often seen when bigfoots of one kind or another speak in public. Is it the inner traffic cop? Or does it mean, Calm down, everything is under control, don't get your bowels in an uproar?

Left Forum this month will probably see it from the buffoon above, who has agreed to give a "standalone" speech to the assembled comrades, according to a giddy-happy email I just received.

This is the same Michael Moore who was recently generous enough to say that it was OK to be critical of Obama, as long as you vote for him anyway. Golly. Even Cornel West, last year's Left Forum buffoon-in-residence, seems to have gotten past that point.

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I wonder if the Smug Pug Moore will issue a nuanced almost-rejection of the coming air war against Iran which simultaneously seeks to defend Obama against the possibility that someone, somewhere holds him accountable for the decision to bomb Tehran.

Well, at least the participants will be spared Barbara Ehrenreich.


But Jack, didn't you get the memo: Bibi says Israel will attack "without warning" the US.

Implausible deniability.


yeah, the good ones die young.


Boy, are those "Israel to strike Iran" noises getting louder. I do hope OP is right that this is disinfo. I tend to think, best case (for the sake of sanity and humanity), is it's, "We really fucking want to do this, but...."

But I still put nothing past the meshuges.


Just saw. Ghost Rider II
It reminded me of a Jack crow fantasy

Only Jack would have a following of raw brats on scooters

Why. Mr Yates how brutish of you
attacking poor babs ?


Moore is hardly the enemy
Despite his compromised ass hole

He has a certain common touch
A certain self mockery
Both in self presentation
And in his instruments of agitation and instruction

I think others
might learn from him


As to Cornel

I don't share father's animus toward
this guy

Lead me to his sharp elbows
His attacks on others
within the pwog moving horde
Then I'll take notice

Showmen are showmen
Pretentious clowns a god sent

Yes one might prefer vermin supreme's knowingness
But he's just punctuation

A clever sign in the stands

Cornel is distracting the bull

op, I have always liked Cornel West, ever since sitting at a table with him at an anniversary party for Monthly Review,and enjoying his insane patter. And any enemy of the wretched pig, Larry Summers, can't be all bad. Michael Moore is OK too, although he could ditch those caps anytime. Once I gave an impassioned "join the union" talk at a place on Union Square in NYC, for workers at the Borders bookstore in the World Trade Center. In the middle, people started cheering like crazy. I looked out at the crowd, basking in their applause, only to notice that Michel Moore had just entered the room! One talk by him was worth twenty by me.


even the cap's okay by me

adds to his look:
the Beaver after 40 years of beer

that applause he gets
spells mass leader

this site's comment cages
has a certain anti celeb slant on occasion

even poor noam
tenured libertarian socialist

gets bronx cheered


"Chimps, Rabbi"
One of my favorite books I've recently read is an oral history of MTV: "I Want My MTV," by Craig Marks and Robe Tannenbaum.
In one scene a director recounts his conversation with the hack partner in Tears for Fears, who was giving him the outline for the proposed video for some crappy hit. "There'll be me and this woman, we'll be at a chapel to get married, there'll be some random events at the wedding, a rabbi, maybe some chimps, perhaps other..." And the director recalls looking down at his notes, seeing in his own hand: "chimps, rabbi."
Left Forum has to be the finest "chimps, rabbi" show of our time.
1. The place will awash in clergy, I mean knee-deep, from prayer spiritualists to Obama-prayer groupers to something called "Marxist-Humanists." There will even be panel featuring an American Conservative, trying to reconcile his vastly under-funded movement with the assembled Left Fraudsters. What there won't be, oh no, is any panel featuring the scourge of the folkish left, the atheists. There will not be mention of that word, that name, that crowd, on any panel, from any speaker or attendee.
2. Before last year's Left Forum, Pastor Chris Hedges issued some blithering piffle about how offended he was that the Left Forum was not requiring every attendee to wear the Jesus Hair Shit and make some phony pledge about not paying income taxes, or some Harvard Divinity term power-point objection, who knows.
So who's this year's plenary potentate?
Why, none other than Pastor Weems III himself, fresh off of calling for his fellow ascetics to heap scorn on last year's shindig. Yeah, Pastor - rebuke us some more, this time in the plenipotenitary spotlight!
3. I'm sure there won't be any mention of the code word "Occupy" at this year's classroom shuffleathon. Far from the micrometer folkish left to seek ownershp rights for the lifestyle tabloid Adbuster's prank gone viral. What's the over-under for the mention of that word, pace Pace?


Katha Pollitt? Isn't she a big-time atheist? A big-time Democrat atheist?


I love the look on Obie's face in the picture. He's like, How long, O lord? How long?


Sure, MJS, maybe she's leading a panel, but the panel is guaranteed to be on driving and the left, or occupy and poetry and women's book clubs, whatever is good for a therapy session, but for the tens of panels covering every Jesus and Muslim and Marxist-Jesus-Muslim enterprise, there is, and will be none, that dareth contain the truth that dare not be spoken at an asectic-folkish Davos.
Of course, the same could be said for nihilism, or hypocrisy, or investment opportunities for the guiltily working left, but the basic point is that the Left Forum is no more Left than any random Starbucks assemblage - with more restrictions on acceptable topics.
This ought to get me the plenary for next year, going by the Hedges example.


Mjoe and father s
Doing Willie and Frankie

Christ, Paine, you have all the insight of a man with herpetic eyes, and all the appeal of a fart in a hot shower. Stop projecting, perhaps?


the me as fart amalogy is encouraging

is that hot shower communal ?

always pays to advertize

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