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By Mike Flugennock on Saturday February 25, 2012 01:02 PM

This piece was inspired by a post of Owen's here. He quotes some interesting passages from Nixon’s 1971 State Of The Union Address in which he mentions the “expansionary” budget he was about to submit to Congress, a “full employment budget”. Here’s The Tricky One’s own words from back in ‘71:

“By spending as if we were at full employment, we will help to bring about full employment.”
Now, mind you, I’ve never been a Nixon revisionist, and I wasn’t one of those bonehead Liberals who spent the entirety of the Dubya Administration wishing they had Nixon back, but, still… full-employment budget? Then, I started thinking back some more… EPA? Detente with the Soviets? Healthcare program compromise with Ted Kennedy?

Jeeeeeezus… full-employment budget.

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I think the starkness of mike's toon gets to the inner nugget

Today's official liberal brand
is to the right
of yesterday's
official conservative brand

Father has nicely mechanized this with his infernal ratchet


Btw the point of my post was really not this bigger headline benchmarking

In fact the romney's and santorums are just as flexibly de facto Keynesian
as old dick


A huge job creator class tax cut can accomplish the same job thrust as a modest job class tax holiday
Bothbecause the deficit funds more spendible income
bang for the buck suggests a klieg distribution of the cuts
That is cuts on highest marginal spenders out of income
Which translates as a bottom up highly regressive tax cut

But despite the GOP
Worship of efficiency
It's exploitationmax efficiency not job creation efficiency
The brutes are genuflecting to
Upthete behind the alter


Ratchet role reversal

In the nixon era we saw the last gasp of the progressive ratchet

Nixon was the GOP Chiefdon when the GOP was still the pawl party
The great watershed the great reversal of roles occurred
Après the nixon deluge
Since 1976
The demos have been the pawl party

I ---goofy optimist as alway---
Thought I saw another watershed in 2008

so far the O'Barry v Carter comparison looks more like
A study in twins not opposites

We will see what Clio has under her blouse

Yet, despite the warmongering and the civil liberties intrusions, most "progressives" and "liberals" will still vote to reelect Barack Obomber, just as most of the neanderthal "conservatives" will vote for the Establishment GOP nominee.

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