comrade lu lu makes his siren shreeeeeeeek

By Owen Paine on Saturday February 11, 2012 05:18 PM

this is not just a tendency to posture here ...this is the iron gate closing ...

but first we must have our history lesson " .....Just " a brief history lesson "

" ... Ironically, this kind of elitism is not that different from the “vanguard party” posture which puts the needs of the sect above that of the mass bloc “autonomy” literally means that they are not accountable to the rest of the left, particularly the traditional socialist parties and the trade unions that are viewed as the enemy in pretty much the same fashion as “third period” Stalinism...... Stalin characterized the period of the late 1920s as the “third period” of capitalism in which communism would be triumphant against both capitalism and a sell-out left that collaborated with it"

. --- hold on now there's a last touch here that... by god ! ..betrays the hand of a master --

"This led the German CP—infamously—to back a Nazi-initiated referendum to remove a Socialist Party elected official in Saxony.."

and the lesson inside the lesson?

".... trying to persuade a black bloc activist that they are harming the left would be as much of an exercise in futility as persuading a German Stalinist to unite with the SP in the 1920s."

got that ???

now having pranged uncle joe pretty damn finely
... time our lu lu is off to the races .... skirts flying ....bloomers showing
sooooo .....go read !

oh well...maybe i'll tease you with a few tidbits:

" I am a Marxist and tend to believe in the power of the masses rather than adolescents in black levi jeans acting out."

"These holligans represent no one but themselves..and It is becoming increasingly obvious
that the left has grown terminally weary of these people... (sniff) ...whoever they are."

" Like a lot of the problems on the left, ultra-leftism has been around for a very long time.
Lenin’s brother was a Narodnik who chose the “propaganda of the deed” so Vlad
had a personal as well as a political stake in convincing idealistic young people
in Czarist Russia to choose mass action."

tnow that's one for the comrade Pecuchet time capsule ??

oh my dear dear lu lu
man can you brightened my day


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He forgot to add: the first time as Kronstadt, the second as...


What an insufferable, sectarian prick.

Peter Ward:

Here we get to what really causes Louie restless nights: not Obama's drones; nor even NYPD bullets -- it's a few -- as he characterizes them -- black-clad trustifarians acting out. That's what really moves him to pen eight thousand words (a sitting).

Gotta also love the callous cynicism in which he tells a commenter right to fuck off:

The defense of the black bloc is mounted in total disregard of whether the tactic is effective and frequently in the most hysterical manner as this comment to my blog:
I identify with the Black Bloc because nuclear power killed my father and made me and my sister sick. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to smash something that would stop the madness.

That prompted me to respond: "I would tend to think that mass demonstrations against nuclear power plants would be more effective than spray-painting “Fuck the nuclear energy” on the walls of a Con Edison building. But then again, I am a Marxist and tend to believe in the power of the masses rather than adolescents in black levi jeans acting out."


Lou seems very interested in the black jeans. Well, who could blame him? They look *fabulous*.

Happy Jack:

I recently noticed this guy telling a female professor not to be " a petite-bourgeois adaptationist element."

I have no idea what that means, but I assume it's supposed to be worse than ranking number eleventy billion on Alexa.


Petit-bourgeois, okay, check, no good. Adaptationist, in the sociobiological sense, okay, check, no good. And fer shure the petit bourgeoisie loves the adaptationist story (whatever is, is right, 'cause Evolution says so). So far so good.

But 'element'? There's nothing elemental about it, so this doesn't compute. I think we need some more context here.


Here is context needed to understand the mindset of those given to sticking the "petit bourgeois" label on all who fail to see the true light and here is one in action.


Anti-anarchism as the anti-communism of fools? No, anti-communism is already the anti-communism of fools.

I don't think I have the vocabulary to capture why this is so wrong and stupid and depressing.

One of my favorite of Proyect's comments is this:

"One of the reasons there has been such a reaction against Hedges from the fellow-travelers of the vandalistas is that he is such a respected figure. Here is somebody who could have been making millions of dollars a year as a top NY Times reporter or editor and he threw it away because of principle. As someone willing to get arrested for the movement and a good friend of the Occupy movement, he is not easily dismissed."

Such commentary suggests to me that not only is Hedges on someone's payroll but so too is Proyect.

After all: so a few knuckleheads break windows and dress up as not-very-good replicas of the Stanley Cup. Who gives a fuck?

The answer is: perhaps people who are paid to be "opinion leaders" to help keep the lumpenproletariat in line.

Oh I almost forgot: here's the link for the picture of our Stanley Cup look-alikes mentioned above.

The resemblance is striking, isn't it?

Al Schumann:

The pathology detectors force a discursive straitjacket. I find something bitterly funny in that. The jacketing is an end in itself; pointless, save for the mean satisfaction it gives. Everything that comes up for jacketing starts out with many viewpoints. Some of them well-attuned to coexistence in spite of disagreements.

You believe in authority;
I believe in myself!
I'm a Molotov cocktail, baby,
and you're Dom Perignon!

That is all.

Happy Jack:

My context comment disappeared. Don't know if it was the link or the Nurse Ratched remark that caused it.

"I am a Marxist and tend to believe in the power of the masses rather than adolescents in black levi jeans acting out."

Is... is there a difference? Wait, what do the kids these days wear? Cargo pants? Are cargo pants "in"?

I'm not much of a fan of the "99%" rhetoric for pretty much exactly this reason.


David Graeber has a very good response to Hedges on a site called N+1.

Hedges is well meaning, but invariably falls into the rigid judgment that seems to be an occupational hazard of religious ascetics. And whatever his railings against the liberal class, he has retained an essential characteristic liberalism: he's a prissy control freak who thinks social movements must be "just so."

Ditto Lou, though I often do like his movie recommendations.

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