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By Owen Paine on Saturday February 11, 2012 11:18 AM

recall one van jones ?
well he demands the big ass hole amerikan banks take a 700 billion dollar hair cut

but first he scoffs at the recent settlement

"This $25 billion settlement helps only a fraction of those homeowners and addresses only a very limited set of fraudulent behaviors. A number of homeowners will get some cash payments, but the amounts are negligible compared to the pain and injustice they have experienced. The actual total cash paid out by the banks is only $5 billion dollars, to be split among the nation's largest banks -- hardly a stiff penalty considering that the six largest banks in the U.S. paid $144 billion in bonuses last year. And enforcement mechanisms remain murky"

okay big fellah good start ...and here come the jeremiah riff :

"We must not forget
the more than 14 million homeowners (one in five) whose homes are underwater, beneath a crushing total $700 billion in negative equity.

We must not forget
the more than 4 million families who have lost their homes.

We must not forget
the millions of families who are in some form of foreclosure proceedings on this very day."

nope we indeed must not .... ...and ?

"These are the Americans who have suffered and continue to suffer. They are worried today, like yesterday, whether they will still have a home to live in tomorrow. They are the ones who must choose every month whether to pay bills or to feed their children"

ya i get that ...??


drum roll please:

" The U.S. Department of Justice and state attorneys general "

. "must investigate and prosecute banks more aggressively than ever"

"at a much larger scale than anything that has happened to date."

" more aggressively then ever a much larger scale ..."

much much more agressively much much much lasrger scale



"We must force banks to make massive principal reduction
of hundreds of billions of dollars,"

ya force em force the mother fuckers force em

and we gotta

"Immediately relieve the 14 million homeowners in the country
who have underwater mortgages "

i say immediately immediately as in right this very second !

"We must change laws and regulations to prevent this kind of crisis and fraud

from ever happening again "

WE must
we must
we must .... ever ever happening again

.gurgggggle gurggggggle...... squeak !

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OP, back in fine form - another facile take-down of, who? Who are these ministers-without-portofolio who bedevil the world so?
Why, they are the "LeftFrauds," and I am going to go all creative commons on that term.
Anyone pushing hopey changey We'd Like to Teach the World to sing Another World Human mic check specious left uplift heraldry is a LeftFraud. All of our heroes, no, wait a second, all of your heroes (and they can be nice, determined folks, except when they start pointing to the heavens), are, to their core, LeftFrauds.
And it's a banner weekend for LeftFrauds - Hedges-Graeber-Black-bloc kerpiffles abound.
Of course, I'be got some LeftFraudism in what I say, but you can't run from your singular inheritance fully.

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