Knickers in a twist

By Michael J. Smith on Monday February 6, 2012 06:25 PM

Of course I agreed strongly with Mike F's earlier post about the Egyptian authorities coming down hard on these supposedly democracy-promoting organizations that get their money from the Demolican or Republicrat parties or the CIA or all three. I loved it. Put 'em in the pokey and throw away the key, I say, and feed 'em bad Israeli felafel three times a day(*).

I would have though that any Lefty would feel the same way. But no. One of my mailing-list correspondents, a guy whom I think of as The Inveterate Wet Hen -- WH for short -- scribebat ut sequitur:

As anybody who has spent time reading MRZine, Counterpunch, Global Research and the Marcyite press will know, there is a tried-and-true formula for figuring out what side the angels are on. If, for example, a government is being opposed by Freedom House or the NED, then the government must be doing something right. So, in light of that we must of course rally around the Egyptian military that has the guts to stand up to these meddling fifth-columnists.
This kinda took my breath away. The Wet Hen is a very Left guy, a big fan of Leon Trotsky. But here he is, coming down on the side of Madeleine Albright, or so it seems to me(**).

This seems like an odd inverted instance of the very fault the WH decries. People like me -- Ahmadinejad fans and dim-viewers of the Libya triumph -- are, so to speak, knee-jerk anti-imperialists. Whatever the imperialists want, we don't want.

Well, okay. Guilty as charged, m'Lud. No excuse, no apology. It's a fair cop. But the WH seems to have become a kind of anti-anti-imperialist. Hold on! he says. Not so fast! On the one hand, you got the Egyptian generals -- bad actors to a man. On the other, you got Madeleine Albright, also a bad actor. It's not so simple!

Just goes to show what a vulgar thinker I am, but I think it really is just that simple. I like to see imperialists in jail -- especially the psalm-singing po-faced righteous ones -- and I don't much care who puts them there.


(*) My local hole-in-the-wall felafel joint -- on the upper west side of Manhattan, forsooth -- is run by Palestinians. The family is originally from a village now overrun by the horrible Ma'ale Adumim 'settlement'. Suburbanites with machine guns.

My Palestinians' felafel is to die for. They've been there ever since I moved into the neighborhood. Clearly they had the mother-wit to get a long lease -- Palestinians have a lively business culture.

But one day -- perhaps in my lifetime -- the lease will run out, and I will never eat felafel again. No doubt the space -- which is rather small -- will be recycled into one of the already innumerable Korean waxing/threading/mani/pedi places. Well, maybe I'll go back, just for old times' sake, and get a Brazilian wax. Ouch!


(**) I confess my ignorance about Marcyites: who the hell are they? But clearly this is an old battle for the Wet Hen.

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Isn't the better approach to hate 'em all? You may dislike "imperialists" but come on...a fondness for the Clerical regime? That's just another aspect of your privelege showing, my boy.

(No...not a big fan of the Libyan debacle, but that doesn't mean I loved me the crazy colonel, either)..


I'm a great side-taker. That 'plague on both your houses' thing always seemed rather craven to me. Of course this doesn't extend to cases where the two sides are really the same side, like the Republicrufts and the Democraps.


sam marcyites are the workers world party
or were in the dday ...

trots from the klingon side of leon
whereas kinickerknocker here is from the
romulan pre barnesite socialist workers party

lu lu dpatre when barnes wanted ccadre once hardened in struggle to leave the rigors of the university campus and go into an "industry " as ..
a wage earner !!!!!


i'll second father's endorsement
sports fans
that felafel closet
of a joint is great
or was great in the mid to late 70's
right across from the entrance to columbia
where lu lu works or at least once worked
in the IT department i think

humus of an unequaled quality

ah those were ultimate
boho grad schooler days


Pwogs unhinged by a country asserting its independence. Imagine that.


I'm one who doesn't believe the enemy of my enemy is always my friend and I have no sympathy for them, either.

Anonymous, I'll see your Iranian clerics and raise you a Saudi ulema.


Theoretical physicist Jean Bricmont is your man for dealing with "neither-nor" Pecksniffians.

Al Schumann:

I can't see a dilemma. The Egyptian generals are almost perfect for the task of jailing regime change cutout meddlers. It's a simultaneous "own goal". Both are against Egypt and the Egyptians. They disagree on the best way of fucking them. That the generals are on the side of the angels, this once, can't be helped.


if i am the egyptian junta
and wanted to send a complex message


"see we aren't the evil empire's familiar
despite their billions rained on us over the years
people just look we fight the agents
of the evil empire"

" we are the shield of national independence "

and don't forget

"these cries for western style democracy
are the hidden face of the evil empire "

all pure horse shit
i bet the arrested fuckers are fornicating with
bedoiun boys
and boozing on chevas some where comfortable

but mean while ...
in fact
the junta is warning
its own internal popularly based
frankenstein monster "color " groups

with this sobering message :

"no one is protected by the armed conscience of the west"

"if yankee agents aren't protected
you native boho punks sure as hell aren't..."

"watch out
we can turn the masses on you
once we have some good old fashion
anti evil empire show trialing
cranked up 'round here "


to call the junta's bluff

the national color groups need to demand
" summary execution " for the yankee spies and saboteurs


Y'all are comparing bad actors in the ME and forgot to add Netenyahoo and LIEberman. Their LIEberman not our LIEberman, who is also a bad actor.

This whole episode kinda reminds me of the GOP/Teabagger Caucus efforts to overturn Obamacare (nee Romneycare). I remember hearing all the Liberals pissing and moaning about how the Rightists were going to overturn Obama's historically historic healthcare reform package, and I thought y'mean, the bill that contains a huge-assed giveaway to the insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital industries, the bill that leaves the people responsible for the whole mess in charge, the bill that mandates the purchase of corporate health insurance as a condition of citizenship? Y'mean, that healthcare bill? Fuck, yeah, go GOP!

I mean, yeah, sure, the Teabagger Caucus are a bunch of loathsome, ignorant-assed, mouth-breathing, paste-eating retards, but if they end up doing the right thing -- even if by accident -- then, yeah, sure, you go Teabaggers!


It's always nice to see the sociopaths of the world going at each other and they should certainly be encouraged to do so at every opportunity. I can't say I'm displeased when I see the old school American imperialists vainly going to the mat with the new kids on the block. But support them? Fuck that. The insistence on taking side has always struck me as being a bit Bushlike, all that with us or against us shit.

Of course the Egyptian junta is going after these guys as a way of demonstrating their anti-imperialist bona fides to the people, and as a side benefit they get to assault the legitimate democracy movement under cover of taking down the enemies of the people.

It's great the bad guys sometimes do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Every time they open fire on a crowd of protestors I imagine some of these NED rabble rousers or the Muslim Brotherhood hacks are the first to go down. But somehow I can't get my brain around the idea of supporting scumbags like that.


Neither support nor opposition means much from the likes of us. All it does is tell us who we are.

More importantly, support and opposition don't exhaust the range of options. We need to examine these categories.

Personally I applaud the generals putting American democracy-promoters up against the wall; and I would applaud the Egyptian people -- by their own unaided efforts -- sending the generals scrambling into a chopper, to live in say Pimlico on their ill-gotten gains. Of course the best outcome possible would be seeing the generals up against the same wall, six months later. Talk about a clean sweep.


once again
we need to place ourselves somewhere here

inside egypt or syria
maybe you play on the contradictions among the class enemy
as sean suggests both these two sets
clashing critters remain

i think of this as not our call here
croaking away from one of the tiny pons
in the yankee pwog archepeligo
father S has the horns in his hands
"by their own unaided efforts"

unaided or aided
the point the goal the purpose
is victory for the people of the people and by the people
of any self liberating nation

we here must oppose all yankee interventions
but surely the egyptian and syrian masses have
the option to call on aide from anyone they seee fit
in the services of national liberation

hazardous ?

you bet
but why assume they don't know this and yet still
call on
the king of france
the yankee expansionists
the soviet social imperialists


of course here we have the opposite moment of contradiction

recall the chicom alliance with chiang
to fight the spies of the occupying japanese empire ??

Rocky Rococo:

Dear Friends

It is unmistakably true that the most successful faction in Comrade Trotsky's train has been that one led by the clans Podhoretz and Kristol demanding world empire in defense of the profit of certain sectors of capital. Readings and other soundings taken about the "left" blogs strongly indicate another new younger generation of Trotskyites setting themselves on that same course to lasting success.

In service to Cash and Crown

Rocky Rococo


The crux in Owen's argument is the notion of "the masses call[ing] on" the King of France or the CIA. How does one know when that is happening? Who speaks for the masses?

Also, the instances Owen cites were cases where the insurgents were able to make use of a conflict among big powers. Unfortunately the Syrian insurgents aren't presented with that kind of strategic situation. And I retain a strong suspicion that a good many of them -- not all, of course -- are reptiles funded out of Langley.


Who speaks for the masses?

You only know thatnwhen it's too late to prevent folly

At any rate
It's not for American progressives to decide one way or the other

We need to oppose all uncle interventions

even if our dear uncle is for once
on the side of the Self liberating masses
Of another nation

If indeed uncle could be used by such forces
Because of conflicts between uncle and some other set of great powers
Still not our call

We here stick to the line
Come home no interventions

Other great powers are in fact in contradiction to uncle here
Hence the veto

Russia in Syria is on the side of the regime
As are the Chinese ..right?

Take Libya
do we know whether the insurgency calling for intervention
Was the voice of the masses ?
Not yet
I on balance think that may have been a win for the Libyan people

But I still opposed the intervention by NATO
As I opposed the intervention in Kosovo
As I'd oppose NATO intervening in the war in heaven
On which ever side looked like the progressive force

It's an internal matter in a radical sense of internal

I can well imagine a vanguard party here in the great beasts belly

keeping it's collective mouth shut however
Till asked to take a public position

If internal forces sent a nuncio to ask that v party
Not to obstruct
Their on going manipulation of a great power contradiction
That said even if the internal outfit has not fully certified to the world
It speaks for the masses

Yes indeed that is the question

Who speaks for the masses

The question that has nothing but provisional answers

The only one we really need to question on this
The one here
Doesn't exist at the moment

And the proletarian bona fedes of a party elsewhere
is not our god damn business to decide eh?


Thought you might enjoy this. Not sure who "Concerned Citizens" are. Anyone have an idea?

"Put 'em up against the wall."


the official face cracking down
on the yankee cut outs

earlier broad side :

"The Egyptian government has filed a report on illegal foreign funding for civilian organizations, Minister of Planning and International Organization, Fayza Abouel Naga, said on Monday"


thanx sean
i learned something delightful

the fuckers aren't even in jail

"The council raided the offices of several NGOs and banned a number of foreign staff--including nineteen Americans, five Serbs, two Germans, and three non-Egyptian Arab nationals--from leaving Egypt"

banned from leaving

is that acceptable useage ?
barred ?

if its flight detection the junta wants
i'd prefer they let the yank cutouts go free
free as birds in fact
only with "council"applied
radio transmitter bans on their left legs
like a flight of migrating robins

and not with some lite avian suitable item
but with
a heavy wrought iron ring
bolted into the shin bone

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