miasma of debt frauds

By Owen Paine on Monday February 13, 2012 04:38 PM


at the link above
dean "the dream" baker attempts for the zillionth time
to shoot down the "yer letting uncle Sam debt shackle your grand children " canard

his sunday punch line:

"Our children and grandchildren might owe the debt, but they will also be receiving the interest paid on the debt. There can be an issue of distribution within future generations (e.g. Bill Gates' descendants own all the debt), but that is a question of inequality within generations, not between generations"

true enough but dino what about the price level ?? we can reduce the real reach of this nominal debt load simply by lifting the prices of wages and products in say 10 easy annual step ups

the nominal rate on existing debt can be turned into a negative real rate of debt in a flash
by accelerating the inflation rate

come on dean at least notice that option b4 you get balled up in lesser options

unfortunately inflationthe neutron bomb among class struggle tools
got left in the potting shed some time or other back there during the legendary
wagnerian ring cycle of the cartoon carter years

remember the volckerdammerung ?
what a show .... eh ?

a gigantic figure four credit hold on mr amerika hizzself

fiting climax to that endless season of prayer breakfasts and job class suffications

i for one will never stop calling for 7 %inflation solutions to 100% nominal con jobs

the debt bondage gig is pure nonsense
uncle's wearin nothin but paper cuffs here

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