pirate party update.... Grundeinkommen uber alles

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 2, 2012 08:26 AM


note this coy narration

"Germany’s Pirate Party won an impressive 9 percent of the vote last September in the Berlin elections. Since then, 15 very unconventional “Pirate” politicians have taken seats in the regional parliament, donning hoodies, sneakers, and even a few ponytails on the men."

now note the platform

" ... greater public participation and increased transparency as their central political agenda...... “open source” government, where all bureaucratic paperwork and publicly financed initiatives are freely accessible online. In a Pirate paradise, citizens should be able to directly influence politics using the Internet..... improving the education system, offering free public transportation and implementing Grundeinkommen, a basic income guarantee for all citizens."

an internal process in place:

" a system called Liquid Democracy (which has a more practical application as online software called Liquid Feedback)."

" ...anyone (Pirate or not) can approach the Pirate Party board with a proposal concerning the city-state of Berlin. The proposal is then entered into the Liquid Feedback software and voted directly upon by the members of the party. The board is less a decision-making entity and more an administrative arm of the party."

Through Liquid Feedback, each Pirate can decide yes or no. If the Pirate is not interested or unfamiliar with the topic, he can delegate his vote to another Pirate, whose vote on the matter then counts as two, and so on."

a parallel local run
by new york occ outfits might look like fun eh ?

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he can delegate his vote to another Pirate, whose vote on the matter then counts as two, and so on.

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