By Owen Paine on Thursday February 9, 2012 07:53 PM

"A court in the Maldives issued an arrest warrant Thursday for former president Mohamed Nasheed,....Nasheed's party insisted his ouster was engineered by rogue elements of the police
and supporters of the country's former autocratic leader, whom Nasheed defeated in 2008"


"For years, Mohamed Nasheed was the most vocal world leader on the threat climate change poses to residents of small island states. After becoming the first democratically elected president in Maldives, he pledged to make the nation the first carbon neutral country and once held a cabinet meeting underwater. "

Bill McKibben

", until Tuesday's coup , the Maldives was on target to become the first carbon neutral nation on earth....Clearly, in certain ways, Nasheed was a thorn in the state department's side, because he kept bringing up the topic of climate change "

PAUL ROBERTS(advisor to Nasheed0
" the new regime have got the judiciary in their pocket. They’ve now stormed the state TV, so they have.. most of the fourth estate in their pocket. They now have the executive in their pocket. And they’ll probably be able to get the legislature in their pocket, as well."

" The only thing they don’t have in their pocket is the fact that Nasheed is still extremely popular, then likely to win any new election. "

"But this is where I think there’s another insidious thing going on."

" I think they are trying to arrest him. They’ve said they’re going to have 14 cases for his arrest. And I think what they will do is they’ll try and charge him with anything..., so he’ll have a criminal record, and that will prevent him standing in any future election."


its not nice to pull uncles chin whiskers ..

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