pretext gouging

By Owen Paine on Tuesday February 21, 2012 10:14 AM

the great energy combines are using the opportunities
provided by utterly unconnected political developments
to gouge away

a grotesque outrage

the non moved here include
ekon kon klowns like Paul "bottled water " krugman
that have proven conclusively to themselves
"this can't be gouging "

more near hearts here
you prim washed hands bike peddling wind mill green heads
us of the goniff-schlub kommuter klass are once again
getting our job-eunuch neutricals banged

that aside

what an opportunity for some unitary prez mayhem

price roll backs

show hearings


raids and round ups

too bad the ohbummer gang can't say

fuck big energy
we got big wally

and gun down the houston oilers

don't work that way

the limited liability top draw free masonry
is interlocked like ten thousand fucking water snakes

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