tales of the 43% ... the great american precariat

By Owen Paine on Tuesday February 14, 2012 02:20 PM

27 percent of American households now live
in "asset poverty"
if liquidated today their household assets wouldn't cover basic expenses
for more then three months
remove assets not quickly converted into cash
like a home, or car and the number is 43 percent.


now prune that safety net some more and you got some easy pickins
on the job market up ahead for corporate amerika

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precariat plurality unite all you have lose
is your precariousness
u have...erm .....state power to win

here's a guy not ashamed
to broadcast his outfits aim

"It is right to want state power.
It is necessary to want state power.
State power is a good thing
-- state power is a great thing-
in the hands of the right people,
the right class,
in the service of the right things:
bringing about an end to exploitation, oppression, and social inequality
and bringing into being
a world, a communist world,
in which human beings can flourish
in new and greater ways than ever before. "

Bob Avakian

Fuck, this is a major bummer. I'm sitting right there. I see union government & grocery jobs getting slashed like crazy out here, especially with low state revenues and the non-union companies like Wal-Mart and Target taking over major market share from Safeway and Save Mart. The backstop is quickly eroding.

This is what I have nightmares about. I also never thought that Europe would succumb to the plight of that Ponzi Scheme that was forced on all the Third World countries, but here they are.


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