"The past cannot be the future" :soviet nostalgia is dying

By Owen Paine on Friday February 3, 2012 10:05 AM

just read a scattered piece on "putin's russia " and its mass spontaneous
reflections on the " soviet days" of late socialism stagnation and its " heartfelt nostalgia"
for it's long denouement of "unhurried spirituality"


despite the authors muddy vision i see hope
sounds to me like the russian people might well be awakening
from their 20 year dream within a nitemare

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link goes nowhere.

LeonTrollski sez on 02.03.12 @17:17:
link goes nowhere.

And the page at The Nation is "404", too.


Nah, Putin's just revived the old Russian Empire, that's all.


It's a subscriber-only article:


Says I have to pay for that piece of shit rag to read it.


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