Warms the cockles of me heart

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday February 8, 2012 12:24 PM

Demonstrators in Athens burning the German flag -- and a Nazi one, too, just to drive the point home. They could use a little flag-burning practice, obviously, and I hope they get it.

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Not to be a prig

Or at least anymore of a prig then usual

the Nazi flag yes
Three times over yes

Remind Germans about a legacy they still ought to notice

And by all means
Burn the shit out of
the ECB flag
if those procrustean hi fi sadists
have such a thing
And throw in the colors of a half dozen francogerman banks too

But the flat old German flag?

What additional message does that send ?

In fact doesn't burning the federal republic's three color flag
destroy the sharp iconography of burning the Nazi flag ?

The message is that a flag is burnt. No deeper meaning needed.


that line
has the profundity of a chesire county cow flap

if its simply a anti statist message

then burn your own national flag

one was right there handy
nope this is zero sum nationalism
a game the MNCs love to see job classes
play against each other

No, I mean burning flags has no value whatsoever as a message. It's just burning a flag. Perhaps those doing it receive emotional gratification. But, there's nobody in the appropriate German ministry who has suddenly decided to pay attention because a flag was burned.

The notion that correct symbolism is an issue, here, is laughable at best.


jack you are surprisingly off the beam here

maybe you need to dip your bill in the watery sewer that is the german tabloid press

only if the german job class sees the crisis from a job class pov not a national pov
can the popular forcs hope to prevail against the the elite eurocrat MNC guardian class
power complex

but of course that in itself even if it rolled the rock back up the dslope a ways
is merely
a defensive strategy

a strategy filled to the neck bones
with toxic illusions eh herr crow ?


Oh you killjoys! What could be more fun than burning a flag? And the fact that it makes people so mad shows it's not an idle exercise. I loved the symbolism of connecting the BRD flag with the Nazi one. A lot of German commentary on the Greek situation has been strongly reminiscent of some nasty old themes about frivolous, lazy, and not-very-clean untermenschen.


I fully support burning any number of items, and places. For the fun of it. I think we should start with academia - all of it - but if flags you want, I'll kick in my dollar for that as well.

I just think the notion that there needs to be symbolic profundity is, well, stupid. The people who care don't have juice. And the people with the juice don't care. They already have their reasons, and flag burning is epi.

Although I do agree with you about the German cleanliness project, re: Greece.



come now surely you see thye merit in burning the nazi flag
is not enhance by linking it to the german flag

yes of course the german tabloid press is
at swill flood over this

but a reminder of past national behaviour
seems adequate chastening to the german job class
that's fore runners
"loved their fuehrer "
as a certain world historical doyen remarked
at the time

it really surprises me the crow doesn't think
of our white deep rooted southern brothers addiction to the stars and bars

the parallel is not even imperfect
but the sybolisms cathetic impact sure is
and to a greek burning the nazi flag
has over tones much like
a black american
burning that same stars and bars


need we move on to the celtic cross >


jack are you italisn by heritage or french canadian ?

lawrence suggests italian as lowell suggests canuckian

perhaps you haven't the instinct for this sort of thing

think of some burly yankee yahoo
urinating in the communion cup
or even the confession booth

i'm not sure whether the baptismal fount


don't most orangemen and assorted brits
have founts in their places of worship too ??

icons have a splendid preciosity
it produces a certain clarity
perfect for a stark violation

if a man be tired of burning a rival flag
he is tired of life

Some of us love life and have learned long ago, Owen, to keep our rags off poles and in the rag bucket.


"don't have juice" blah blah

gangrenous cynicism

how much like jabba the hut
you are in print crow

after reading you
a nice young choir boy
would need a shower
in holy water to recover his lost innocence


"don't have juice" blah blah

gangrenous cynicism

how much like jabba the hut
you are in print crow

after reading you
a nice young choir boy
would need a shower
in holy water to recover his lost innocence


btw, a great Greek master who knew a thing or two about resisting the brown plague, passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Again, your read on others is woefully inadequate, Owen. It isn't cynicism. Old or new. It's observation. The people burning flags aren't changing anything. They aren't signaling. It's just some flags burning. That's good on its own terms. No need to inject it the stupidity of a comfortable, safe, tenured academic symbolism.


jack surely you can do better then that

observation ?

at least call it an examination

you know as in

grab it
then tell the cuff to turn his head and cough


"the stupidity of a comfortable, safe, tenured academic symbolism"

he turns to his large daily windexed
study room mirror

"shall i dis-abuse this larded sprite
of his mis me-elevation ?"

"...i understand doc lu lu allows the craven
vermilion hoy at proyect pink tu tu
to believe he is tenured at old blue
the lion among the ivies

surely my false humility requires a public correction
even if the site is languishing in obscurity

2,465,528 ! yim a neee

on any given day
i have more dachshunds then readers !

whatever ....


mr crow

i am a now retired
once bankrupt shop keeper
that has nothing but the fullness of idle time
to contend with each day

my income stream is a minor creek of a thing
and there are times when i must earn a slug more
by selling mattresses these days at sears
in past incarnations

at other commercial boxes
big and small

always something big ticket and for commission only

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