my older brother tries on some others' shoes as in "assume you're 18

By Owen Paine on Friday March 9, 2012 12:03 PM

its funny how two unconnected events can look connected eh gang ?

take last night after father's sermon on the shoes of the privileged
doesn't my brother JOHN STUART call me out of a problematic dream
into the reality of one of his semi periodic manias

among much else....there was this :

"so how's SMBIVA these days bro

i haven't checked in lately myself ...dying on thevine ??
....i doubt its as good as when i was posting there back in '06

( )

... last i looked your own stuff sucked tiny pebbles owen dear ...
nothing surprising in that of course ...and so what happened to that cat bethune
i kinda liked his shit ....he flew the coop ??
what too many winged farts and assorted tar heels ?? "

i told him yes fred was gone
and with him any chance at political economy
we still had Al omni bunker busting Al
and of course father S posting on the big whys and kultur and tasteful loathings
with that he snapped back at me :

"oh ya ..ya ya sure sure ..."

like that was just god being kind to the rest of us gumheads

then he went off on his real reason for calling me " his fatuous kid brother"
and the motivation for this post

" owen my adoring clay mouthed sibling
you must always always remember.... life is about choices ...
not shocks not hapless slaps in the face ...but changing choices ...
its just like mitt romney told us on the stump the other day
you must have read about it ...
now he was of course pointing at our nation's youth not us spiritual crones
yet it started me thinking ...
what ...i mean what... knowing all i know today
at 66.66666 years of age what choice would i make

what life shaping choice ..
if i were now just turning 18 this june
and about to escape
the by the balls hold on me of high school :..

well here's what i figured was my choose from list ..

the military

the Mcjob market

a fun ride to state prison


which is the correct choice ??

it turned out to be easy
with a couple modest provisos

if only gentle guys fucked me in the ass
and no one succeeeded in cutting open my throat

i'd now in retrospect
looking over all the four leaf clovers
and dill pickles out there

pick..... a fun ride to prison !!!

but i'm white and male
so that makes sense doesn't it ?

if i was black and male i'd go straight into the military

the outfit with the only close to equal opportunity management team in america

of course
if i was a cute gal on the other hand ..a cute gal ...of either race

i'd hope to make it as a whore of some sort

either physical or semi vocational or some other blend of romantic-mercenarial

that's if i was cute i mean real cute like your present domestic partner was 40 years ago

however if i wasn't a cute gal... which shit for sure is more likely
if i was in fact an uncute gal

if i looked more like the young j edgar hoover then the young tuesday weld

i'd ... well ..i'd ..i'd be
really really annoyed by my choices

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college ?

"Entry level wages for male college graduates fell to an average of $21.68 an hour last year, down 11% from 2001, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning group.

Women, meanwhile, saw their average hourly wage drop to $18.80, down 7.6%"

while tuition climbed the money tree
like a fisher cat


Hilarious, I bet your brother just missing to be young. And now, his young at heart. Guide him to his right age, lol.

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