wet hen heaven

By Owen Paine on Tuesday March 6, 2012 12:14 PM

Barry from kenya's march to re election will prolly sour a few more
humanist pitchers of pwog milk

but just how many more unspoiled pwog pitchers can there be out there ?

and might not the rebirh of freshness be at hand :

for one i gotta say my milk seems to be tending to re cream it self

ya ya ya ...the tide didn't turn in the spring of '09

Clio don't play us like that ...


now comes a fresh four
and behold what that portends for our " humankind friendly " unitary Potus
the trickless policy bankrupt identity Cult Princeps
bahbah ohbummer
the coming grapples betweeen hizzseff and the dark side of the corporate grid lock gang
strikes me as
a spring time for pinkos in Amerika

at least that is down here at ground level

i ask you candidly stop your baying at the moon and answer this simple question for me:
how can it get any better then this boys and girls ??

the time is ripe for dancing in the streets ....why the rabble have the Wallycrats in a pincer

what with the t baggers on the right flank
and the OCC-u-lusts on the left ??

i predict
looming just over the horizon :
must be
a street beat Cannae for corporate Rome

prepare for battle on the asphalt
you cream puffs !!!

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Great post!
I think you done it well,
some words is not familiar for me though.

Janine from clôture de béton imitation bois 

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