yankee bombers on the road to Damascus ??

By Owen Paine on Tuesday March 6, 2012 02:39 PM

nothing could be clearer ..there's no such notion about Teheran

but Assadville ??

so i ring up "foggy bottom y" now "cloud nine zero "

"fuck...i was expecting a call from glenn greenwald.... but .. its u rubber dick ....of all
useless creations of a lesser God ..."

i ask ....he answers :
" NO !!!! for christ's sake absolutely no !!..if they send out poop deck pappy
to blow his checks at the press ...over this ... its pure tap shoes time "

slam !!!

okay i guess that's enough .. McCain is a sign of pure sitzkrieg ...
you can go back to your french movie now

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Sounds like a funny conversation for me. Well, I thought the title was really that serious.haha,.

Amber from combien coûte un traiteur pour mariage 

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