spring training in mass public ....fist shaking

By Owen Paine on Tuesday April 10, 2012 12:39 PM

its called the 99 spring offensive

and it starts with training 100k dovenik commandos

and there's a big turn out scheduled for april 17

tax wealth not work

or can the OWS forces take this spring gig down a nastier road ?

like into the corporate job sites

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Owen Paine sez on 04.10.12 @12:39:

or can the OWS forces take this spring gig down a nastier road ?

like into the corporate job sites

That one's a no-brainer, Paine. It's a counter-insurgency.

But, aaaaaanyway... unlike my old antiglob comrades from the turn of the century (did I just say that?), it's looking like the current Occupy crew are too smart to be taken in by this kind of bullshit. Their call for a May Day general strike is picking up support even without official union approval, and specifically calls for workers to take independent action on their own behalf on May Day.


Now, trade union to political party may be an imprecise analogy, but here I think it serves.

William Z. Foster, Organize the Unorganized (1926):
"It would be a grievous error...to conclude that the right wing can block the organization of the unorganized...and that nothing can be done in these bodies...

The other extreme is a naive, over-optimistic belief that [these plans will be] put into effect."


I agree
OWS oughta get inside these dovenik outfits
and raise the ante


Read and delight

A cook's tour of OWS

The Occupy handbook :

"Analyzing the movement's deep-seated origins in questions that the country has sought too long to ignore, some of the greatest economic minds and most incisive cultural commentators - from Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Michael Lewis, Robert Reich, Amy Goodman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Gillian Tett, Scott Turow, Bethany McLean, Brandon Adams, and Tyler Cowen to prominent labor leaders and young, cutting-edge economists and financial writers whose work is not yet widely known - capture the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon in all its ragged glory, giving readers an on-the-scene feel for the movement as it unfolds while exploring the heady growth of the protests, considering the lasting changes wrought, and recommending reform. A guide to the occupation, THE OCCUPY HANDBOOK is a talked-about source for understanding why 1% of the people in America take almost a quarter of the nation's income and the long-term effects of a protest movement that even the objects of its attack can find little fault with.(less)"



Too bad all co opt cut outs
aren't as fuckingly blatant
as this linked to here

A Cut out watch site needs forming

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