The Age of Obama: How to Fix It

By Owen Paine on Sunday April 8, 2012 02:26 PM

ladies and van jones:

".... Obama For America did the best that it could"

"but ....
the mass gatherings,
the idealism,
the expanded notions of American identity,
the growing sense of a new national community,
all of that .....disappeared..... Obama relied on the people too little,
and we tried to rely on him too much."


mr jones is that "we" there
" we " the pwog people
just the we of barry's pwog insiders ?

as in the elite pwog we

"....did not have to leave millions of once-inspired
people feeling lost, deceived, and abandoned."

the we
who ".. overestimated our achievement in 2008, .."

the we
who "..were in the suites when we should have been in the streets. "

ahh is this the mea culpa
that simple country decency
clamors for ?

is this the honest
bold confession
by one of the pwog elite
one of the choice WE
of the suites ?

one of the buck tailed mother fuckers that

"...repositioned our grassroots organizations
to be "at the table" in order to with the administration."


i know i know
.... for us hard shell confirmed SMBIVAers this is hard to stomach

but lets be humanists
and try to understand


do u all recall how our father st S
often notes this fact
also dragged out by Jones

. "..many (elite pwogs) were so enthralled with the idea of being
a part of history
....we forgot "the " thankless work. "

nice name that " thankless work "
nice and clear

after years in the streets... years outside the tower
pissing on the curb .... talking to the hand etc etc

one can see the attraction
the ?

just for once
to be near the spot lights... part of the back story

who wouldn't take that offer if they got it ..
i mean besides a few of our blackest of nihilist heros
and franciscan monks ?


part two

--- for the decent fact fearing sheeple among us --

analysis by Van J :

social change
real social change
progressive social change :

"... requires a willingness to walk with a White House
when possible..
and to walk boldly ahead of that same White House
when necessary."

its not a case of 'either /or ' mates
its 'both /and '

get the blanket toss ?

you pwog pond dwellers still need
"them "
the "us insiders "
big headedressed activist issimos
even if
" Too many ..(of us ).reverted to acting like ..
die-hard of the president
not fighters for the people."

see ?

if u don't then [ponder this
mr jones claims he and his insider we
have learned their lesson

they are ready to rejoin the fight the thankless fight time .....

and next time
the insider We's
will be in the streets.... leading the people

no these We's won't pull a 08 II
on ya
this time


once the elite We's re ignite millions of us high hoper hearts and minds
to get out the mass vote this fall
we big insider We's
are gonna rely on the people all the way to Eden ....this time

no more will all those pwogressive ops
be simple front groups for the Dembot ballot show

no longer

nope not this time

one day after the election
this time
we will NOT switch
from yelping energizers
ankle biting guard dogs
not this time
this time is different


believe that ....right ??



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