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By Michael J. Smith on Sunday April 8, 2012 06:02 PM

Never thought I'd utter these words: The unspeakable Peter Beinart has made me very happy. My attention was recently called to a piece he wrote last month in the NY Times (yes, the Times) endorsing -- with some careful qualifications -- the BDS(*) movement.

Now Beinart is notoriously a mad-dog Zionist, so this is an interesting move.

Turns out that Beinart is worried that West Bank settlements will end up making a two-state solution impossible (which is, of course, just what they're meant to do). But Beinart thinks a two-state solution is the only way to save Zionist apartheid. (His partners in crime in Jerusalem have a few other ideas in mind, I suspect.) So he's in favor of a carefully targeted BDS confined to goods made in West Bank settlements. Green Line apartheid goods, of course, will continue to be fine.

This move on Beinart's part has been greeted in some quarters as the accession of an ally.

It is not, of course. It's a rear-guard action, an attempt to keep BDS sentiment and activity confined to the West Bank, and implicitly get the thievish iniquity of the larger Zionist project off the hook.

The reason it makes me so happy, of course, is that Beinart thinks it's necessary. He sees that BDS is taking hold and feels the need to 'set limits', as parents are incessantly told to do.

Gut yontif, everybody. I'm enjoying my goyish revels; leg o' lamb tonight, asparagus with the Smith special homemade mayo, new potatoes, and onions stewed in wine with the Smith spouse special secret sauce.


(*) Boycott, disinvestment, and sanctions -- against Israel.

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The principle that has guided me is to strengthen Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Today, I instructed that the status of three communities—Bruchim, Sansana, and Rechalim—be provided for. I also asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to see to it that the Ulpana hill in Beit El not be evacuated. This is the principle that has guided us. We are strengthening Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and we are strengthening the Jewish community in Hebron, the City of the Patriarchs. But there is one principle that we uphold. We do everything according to the law and we will continue to do so.

No doubt there were reflective Southern whites who considered regular lynchings of the darkies as counterproductive to racial supremacy. Beinart will get far with that outlook and the clan-like mentality (no pun intended) of law knowing thugs who call the shots with their droogs in the Holy Land (sic).


Try this instead of last link for anyone interested in discovering the Israeli Prime Minister's relationship to the law. If only Beinart could concoct a serum in his lab to administer to Netenyahu "for [his] own good", of course.


Just wanted to thank you for supporting the BDS campaign. I wasn't sure if it was still around. I had the impression that it had faded away due to the lack of support. I figured that after 6-7 years without a a single country or company signing up it had become more than obvious that no one is going to support what is pretty clearly an attempt to revive nazism.

It's too bad though. It actually was very, very helpful to Israel. It did a good job of publicizing what the anti-semites are attempting to do (kill all the Jews), and awakened people to the danger that they represent. As a result, global investment in Israel has gone way up, their stock market has increased, and it has been really beneficial in helping Israel get through the recession.

Anyway, keep publicizing it. Anti-semitism (and I think we all know that criticism of Israel is unjustified and that it is just bigotry and hatred) is an atrocious thing, and that anything that helps publicize it helps decent, civilized people who support human rights, democracy, the rule of law, and freedom, all things that Israel has so steadfastly supported, and helps awaken them to what the nazis are up to. You may think you're wasting your time but you're making a difference. All Jews thank you.

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