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By Al Schumann on Tuesday April 3, 2012 06:07 AM

Chris Mooney's psychoanalysis of conservatives and token couching of liberals leaves a lot to be desired. I think one might fairly say of both that authoritarian is as authoritarian does. It pays to look past their fratricidal squabbling to see what kinds of things they do with their political power and it's useful, additionally, to look at how they justify them.

In the world outside their squabbling and willful stupidity, liberal legislators just authored and sponsored indefinite detention legislation and a liberal president signed it into law. There's an extensive history of the ways in which previous draconian laws were used. None of it is pretty. The liberal reaction is to claim conservatives would be worse. Narcissism of small differences, anyone?

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"Authority must receive it's due"

"Moloch must be appeased"

Sigh sigh sigh

" Our darker sides must be contained"


Liberals want the helots to respect the gated community of production

"Stay put"

"listen carefully"

"Work concientiously and Obey any emergency orders ...until recess"

" I say this for your own good not mine "


"No recess for you lazy bones !!!"

I don't know, everything has shifted so far right in this country I'm not sure we have any living specimens of actual liberals left in the political world. What passes for a liberal democrat these days would have been called a country club republican in my youth.

Brian M:

I agree with the Pundit. Obama is so far to the right of Nixon that it is scary.


The labels still apply
But the new era liberal is not trying to build the public tax and transfer system

That transition from transfer system building to transfer system tuning
Started in 1968

Many liberals saw the ghetto uprisings in the second half of the 60's
As proof welfare as they knew it was a failure

26 years later their contemporary bill clinton ended welfare

The new liberals also swung from anti business in their nomenclature to pro
Leveraged public private "market" solutions over flat out transfer payments

To counter this fiscal tightening the Aquarian new liberal
was a tolerant libertine
A let it all hang out polyphillic celebrant of diversity in self confirmed
self constructed identity

This generation of liberal is on the way out

The new new liberal ?

Barry isn't one
Barry is the good son
of the new liberals

Their hand crafted frankenstein's monster

From the nebula of the millenials
will come
among much else
The new new liberals


The whole country began swinging rightward with the financialization of the economy in the 70s and the corporations beginning to reclaim power from the unruly 1960s masses. They saw a little too much democracy in the 60s and something had to be done about it!

The whole polity has shifted rightward since then, with Democrats and Repubs dialing for the same dollars and serving the same corporate masters.

Added into the mix, the destruction of unions, offshoring/globalization, etc.

Hence: Nixon was the last liberal president, and Carter, Clinton, and Obie, Eisenhower Republicans at best.

OP: Not that I have any desire to defend Clinton, but he signed the welfare abomination more or less with a gun to his head, and I believe rejected it 2x before giving in. But the dye had been cast anyway: corporate, anti safety net power was already back in charge, and the populace had been sufficiently propagandized that welfare was "taking my money and giving it to Them (the lazy, shiftless, 10-baby-havin' You Know Who's)."

Given the public's brilliantly ginned up antipathy toward welfare queens, knocking out welfare was as easy as Big Papi knocking an 85 mph pitch out of Fenway.


Al, the liberal reaction is: Projection.


cz, you're totally right about the projection, and that's especially true about Chris Mooney's "Republicans=anti-science" claims. I have lost count of how many HuffPo-lovin' liberals I've encountered (both in real life and online) who make fun of Michele Bachmann for being a crazy anti-vaccine creationist while they think vaccines cause autism, support holistic medicine and have no problem with charlatans like Deepak Chopra pushing intelligent design.

Brian M:

JTG: Don't forget dire liberal warnings about fluoride zapping our vital essences.

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