twenty years ago this coming week :The south LA community of the black nation rises up

By Owen Paine on Saturday April 28, 2012 06:52 PM

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Ahh, yeah, that glorious week in '92 -- back when people still gave enough of a shit about things to actually work up some rage in the streets.

Not like today, when this society has finally succeeded in breeding a generation of rage-free pussies. We've had at least half a dozen Rodney Kings in the past 20 years -- not to mention Katrina -- but have we seen one single riot? No, just a bunch of whining to Stop The Violence™.

If that isn't bad enough, these days, when shit like this happens, the Black Nation™ sits on its ass waiting for Obama to say something, which always turns out to be some really weak-assed day-late-dollar-short mumbling about how, if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon, or some shit.

How much do you folks want to bet that when Zimmerman walks, there won't be one single riot, not one single citywide general strike, not one single mass mobilization or mass CD -- just Al Sharpton blustering on MSNBC, while the Black Nation™ goes on defending a President who hasn't done jack shit about racist police, mass incarceration, or foreclosure and unemployment rates way above the national average. It'll just be Reverend Al and Melissa Harris Lacewell Tarquin Lim Tim Bim Lim Bus Stop F'tang F'tang Olé Biscuit Barrel Perry on MSNBC, pissing and moaning and demanding that Obama "say something" and reminding us all to vote for Obama again.


Don't be so sure of that Mike. I think if Zim walks, things could blow up.


Ye know not the day, nor the hour, as the Good Book says.

Chomskyzinn sez on 04.29.12 @15:36:
Don't be so sure of that Mike. I think if Zim walks, things could blow up.

Yeah, they could, but, still... remember Katrina? Remember the racist reactions of local law enforcement, people scrounging food and water being labeled "looters" by the media, the way whole neighborhoods and housing projects were left to rot, how thousands of people were forcibly relocated out of town, how the vulture capitalists swooped in, how the Feds sat around and let it all happen?

As I recall, Black America™ also sat around and waited for the CBC and the Democratic Party to fight their struggle for them in New Orleans. No riots, no CDs, no black general strikes, no nothing. They just kind of grumbled awhile, then went back to whatever they were doing, while the poor and black neighborhoods of New Orleans were allowed to go to ruin after Katrina hit.


Mike, I hear you, but I just don't know how long this shit can go on. When things blow, and they will --- Ye know not the day, nor the hour, as Father Smith notes in his brief epistle, but I sense the time is nigh --- Reverend Al and Melissa Harris Lacewell Tarquin Lim Tim Bim Lim Bus Stop F'tang F'tang Olé Biscuit Barrel Perry will be following, not leading. And even Nobama won't be able to bore the young brothers and sisters out of action.

Dunno. I sorta think the brothers and sisters most likely to burn shit up/down in the wake of yet another coquettishly provocative slap in the face from The Man are so effectively disconnected (as per long-term plan) that most of them haven't even heard of Trayvon. I think They will be bussing in more and more agents provocateurs for media events of this nature and I won't be surprised if they resort to black-face on Mexican ringers to celebrate Zimmerman's sentence of 200 hours of community service.

The trick about Obama, of course, is that expecting him to be any nobler than the Bush-Clinton-Bush regime *because he is "black"* is just as racist as expecting him to be funky/well-hung/ bad at math (granted: there may be genetic markers for the "well-hung" thing). Obama is the latest mask on the Caesar puppet; read the ingredients: it does what it says on the box.

Back to the topic of Black Riots: are they really a form of dissidence/ revolt? I think The Man, with his infinite budget and endless stream of Ivy Leaguers funneling into the alphabet agencies (overt and otherwise), is profoundly segregationist by disposition (again: genetic markers...?) and more than capable of alienating one color of Serfs from the others with programmatic orchestrations of Bad PR for Negroes (ie: Riots). Speaking as a Colored Serf, I have noticed a definite encroaching chill in the hearts of Liberal White Serfs, when it comes to Brothers, over the past thirty years and I don't think this is a random or organic development.

But there's also the *porno/PC* wedge being driven between (college-educated) Male and Female Serfs to consider.

I mean, what Pyramid-Straddler could fail to enjoy presiding over such thoroughly balkanized (psycho-sexually gerrymandered) Serfs? Especially considering the fleeting threat of trans-racial, cross-class Unity posed by, eg, Marley and Lennon (before they were taken care of) at the close of the dangerous 1970s...

I think our Overlords are feeling pretty smug these days and would love to see some shit burn in the Hood (what's called a Fire Sale in real estate) before the election!

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