twice in twelve

By Owen Paine on Wednesday April 18, 2012 10:30 AM

this droll irony
crossed my mind recently:

Barry may win the popular vote this november and lose the electoral vote

a poosible frackus ?..i mean recall the patriotic Gore ?

ahh a black man fucked by a system drafted by a slave holding settler nation
and still going strong all these 223 years later

if so
t'will be a cruel twist of events
ever so richly deserved

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"Richly deserved" would only begin to accurately describe this twist of fate, were President Sparkle Pony to suffer it. He'd be even more deserving than Plastic Al. I remember, at the time, supporting Gore in principle as the Republicans really were being a bunch of rat bastards, but thinking deep down that Gore really did have it coming on account of his being a big, fat pussy who didn't even have the cajones to take his own side in a fight.

Back in '00 -- jeezus, did I just say "back in '00"? -- I covered the dueling protests in front of the Supreme Court building for the DC IMC, and I spent most of my time hanging near the Green Party contingent who were -- rightfully, I thought -- standing in solidarity with the Plastic Al campaign. I recall the Green contingent being largely shunned by the Donkeycratic partisans in the crowd, and subjected to no small amount of thinly-veiled venom, which kicked me into Schadenfreude Mode despite my disgust with the GOP's antics in Florida.

Were this to happen again, I'd cover the resulting dueling demos -- and you know goddamn' well there'd be some -- with the attitude of an audience member at Wrestlemania.


Violating a foundational SMBIVAn principle, the V in SMBIVA, I've been a Nader man every election since 1996, and never more proudly and excitedly so than in 2000.

I almost voted, if you pardon the expression, for McKinney in 2008 because I really did want to cast my ballot for The First Black President? (Or wait...the Second?) But when I got in the booth in my Bklyn precinct, I noticed Ralphie was running on the Populist line, and I somehow found that irresistible.


Consult the high holy one on this
But I think the stop me before I vote again
Has an invisible

As in
" stop me before I vote(Democrat) again "

Voting third party or independent
Go ahead..knock yourself out
Just never pull a lever for a candidate with long pointy ears

Now as the soft Sheller here
I've always considered a vote at the CD level for a dempwog
But that is even worse then voting for a blue dog
among certain infernal porpintines 'round here


I believe Nader fits the criteria:


enough butthurt from it to raise a ruckus against that whole nonsense electoral college thing in general, you think?


but maybe it'd be good reading, in controlled doses.

Leon Trollski sez on 04.18.12 @21:20:
enough butthurt from it to raise a ruckus against that whole nonsense electoral college thing in general, you think?


Hell if I care about whether the Electoral College issue is sorted out or not -- the whole system needs to be burned to the ground and bulldozed -- I just want to see the Donkeycrats take some butthurt.

Al Schumann:

Oh! Oh! I would love another stolen election victim frenzy from the pwogs. They're due for one, after all their fatuous triumphalism and snide ankle biting. If it were possible to credit them with any kind of political agency, outside servile apologetics for a president who managed to be worse than Bush, in spite of every opportunity to do anything remotely decent, it would be a terrific karmic comeuppance.

Al Schumann sez on 04.19.12 @22:40:
Oh! Oh! I would love another stolen election victim frenzy from the pwogs. They're due for one, after all their fatuous triumphalism and snide ankle biting...

Schumann! My man! Yeah, seriously, I'm totally hoping for Mittens to come out on top in an election that's "close enough to steal" with just enough skanky shit going down to set the Pwogs off. It'd be like poking 'em with a stick. Mwwwoooaaahhhh ha ha ha ha hahhhhh.

Damn' near every Pwog I met at the Supreme Court protests in '00 talked about that whole brouhaha as if it were some ultimate battle of good vs. evil... when anyone who was paying attention to the Donkeycrats throughout the '90s could tell you that it was actually more like the final scene from Reservoir Dogs.


This is a fun comment thread. Our eyes are blazing with glee!


I wonder if it wouldn't be better if Obie were the one who stole the election. My reasoning: Mittens could steal it, aided by a 5-4 Roberts assist, and the Pwogs would go batshit, but ultimately retain their faith in The System. It's the way they are. They'd just double down on "reforms," support even more Pwoggy candidates, "try to get the money out of the system once and for all" ---- still failing to deny that The Money IS The System.

The baggers and Christers, on the other hand, seem to have a clearer sense that the fix is in. They know it in their bones, despite their ritualized tributes to God, Country, Flag. They are thisclose to bailing on the whole enterprise. There'd be no turning back from an Obie theft. The baggers n Christers would be lost to The System once and for all.

Maybe I prefer to pick the low hanging fruit.


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