union bureaucrats chase the jackasses again...reflex or death twitch ?

By Owen Paine on Tuesday April 10, 2012 12:06 PM


one shamus cooke:

"the crumbs of gratitude stopped trickling down years ago,
and what little remains on the union plate
is now being targeted by both
Democratic and Republican politicians
who insist on ever more concessions."

and the non union mcshit job class is as burtned up
and turned off as ever

yet corporate job sites remain quiet


"Labor leaders are not stupid. They recognize these
facts, but have absolutely no idea what to do about it.
So they do what they've done for decades; align
themselves with the Democrats in the hopes that they
will be rewarded for their servitude. "

seems there can't possibly be
another "full turn" of the breaking wheel left

the unions as institutions both pub and private
must be at the point of total collapse

surely unions at least some unions
will explode where their strength has always laid
inside the Man's sweat house

i mean like really ... the jack ass crew
can't bend em and stretch em yet again
can they ??

how much clown shit will these guys and gals eat ??

its way breyond survival time

are they simply preparing
each their own set of l parachutes
like so many
tiny soviet camp politbureaus ???

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So what do they do? Politics is officially as boring for unions as it is for regular people. The corporate parties recognize there's no need or opportunity to cut much deeper in the foreseeable, and the unions aren't doing anything to evoke a reaction from anybody. No favors offered, no threats anticipated. Why not just stay the course?

I'm hoping it's the death twitch. Then maybe we can get on with the job of building a new union movement that really fights for the rights of workers, instead of our being saddled with this moribund bunch of glorified company unions.


I suggest the bipartisan squeeze in particular on public sector unions
is very much on the order of the day

If I understand your comment you disagree



I share your impatience
with the lack of swift creative destruction

Most existing union set ups certainly need to get out of the way

But if history is instructive
A CIO moment
for the service sector
Will require existing unions to sponsor the uprising
At least in part

Garment guys
Bank rolled and provided cadre

No I have no faith in spontaneity alone
Nor in any neo syndicalist formation

But we will see

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