black face two faces nab the barry

By Owen Paine on Wednesday May 30, 2012 01:21 PM

there's a pattern here
and a little
sure enough comes back to bite ya irony

harold ford cory booker whip sawing " the ohbummer one "
on his vulture in chief tooning of the mittiful disgrace

these guys
these clean cut BFCD's
these black face corporate Demobot
turning on fellow BFCD "production "
magic Barry of chicago by way of the harvard law review

these spic and span (not al not jesse ) black PARTY-BOTS
fiercely clanging away at a new target ...
the fucking party's sitting POTUS
' cause he crossed the line

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Harold and Cory, patrolling the outer limits of acceptable Dem opinion.


Not even sure they're Party-Bots. Simply, Money-Bots.

Same thing I guess.

In a rare gesture, I now surrender my time to a neocon:


"The Democratic party is at least as dependent upon and responsive to the needs of the privileged and wealthy as the Republican party. While Democrats preen about GOP favoritism in front of the cameras, they are ready, willing, and able to cut the very same deals behind closed doors."

and yes that corporate core never got fully removed even temporarily


this narrative
after really bypassing bryanism
and the populist run of the jack asses

then fails to account for the party's social liberal run
from the new deal
to the great society

nor the high 60's civil rights laws
and equal opportunity
and most else
on the cultural liberal agenda
since the party
gave up on expanding the social transfer system
in the horrid 70's
and switched full time
to values and goo goo uplift politics
over jobs and welfare politics


Values, goo goo uplift, and identity politics leave the economic status quo firmly in place, and only alienate old bigoted geezers with no political power.


nicely compressed chom chom

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