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By Michael J. Smith on Sunday May 13, 2012 10:21 PM

From a mailing list. Peter Beinart and Michael Lerner. Oy gevalt!

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A comment by someone at the receiving end of Israel's project of bringing Light unto the Nations carries more common sense than the pretzel logic of these rubbery pugilists:

Zoabi sees no difference between Lieberman and more mainstream Israeli politicians, saying that Lieberman, Tzipi Livni, and Benjamin Netanyahu are "all a bunch of fascists pure and simple."

This good cop/bad cop routine has been going on for decades (e.g. openly Fascist Jabotinsky vs. the "Socialist" Ben Gurion, see Lenni Brenner's take on this fixed wrestling match). The script remains the same, the cast keep changing. Here for instance are the "dovish" anti-Netenyahu, Tzipi Livni's plans for the remaining "non-Jews" in the Heimat


great stuff:

"J Street on its website asserts, ”J Street believes that Iran obtaining nuclear weapons would pose a very serious threat to American and Israeli interests and to peace and stability in the Middle East and around the world.” Do you agree with that position?

Beinart: Yes, I agree with that..... I don’t think that a military attack on Iran is a constructive response, but do support efforts to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons."

----then comes this worm turn----

"Beinart: There was no realistic possibility for the U.S. to stop the Soviet Union from getting nuclear weapons. There is such a possibility with Iran...."

sooooo if it fails and iran gets its big one what then pete ?


"fixed wrestling match"

i love that figure for establishment
inner tussles

but sometimes the exact outcome is more specfied then other times
i think of the fall bank bail out of '08

and othertimes there are just rules and ropes and non contact blows
who wins then ?

i actually think the opinion of the elite majority

mitt versus ohbummer

neither is taking a dive here
nor has the balloting been fully far

there is room for an elite majority to form on one side or the other

i think of carter reagan
there was a brief interval that september when
the elite majority decided to
"let reagan win"


ever too close to call ?

think kennedy nixon

both acceptable to the majority

nothing to that choice at all

but the reformation of the canal treaty with panama
or nafta

full fix !!!

i wish we could have a moment
like papa's call for a referendum on
the draft austerity package
a moment like that
when the people of greece
saw their "formal "democracy over ruled
by the guardians of the euro project

if we get another split between the electoral and the popular vote

i think the guardians will again
let the two sides "play it out "

Following sk's comment, Beinart might be the bad cop, but the "progressive" J Street is playing its role. Global threat?


Palestinian and Israeli activists have pretty good street smarts when it comes to figuring out where the really dangerous racists hang out:

I may be in denial, but I tend not to take "vernacular" racism as seriously as the organized violence of the establishment. True, we have frightening incidents like the almost-lynching at the Malha shopping mall a few weeks ago; but Israeli society has always been structurally racist. It seems that lately a lot of the political correctness which used to envelop this racism has been dropping away. This is not a good thing. But it's dangerous to gauge the level of oppression only on the basis of what people say, because the most dangerous racists are always the clever ones who know how to keep their mouths shut and talk nice.

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