knocking the knees of lady liberty

By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 8, 2012 01:20 PM

paul krugman flutters furiously

"consider Greece, which had a government of national unity — an alliance between the center-right and the center-left, dedicated to following what the VSPs consider responsible policies. Think of it as Michael Bloomberg with retsina. Sounds great, doesn’t it? (Not to me, but I’m not a Serious Person).

The trouble is that the responsible policies aren’t — the austerity program that has defined being Serious in Europe is an abject (and predictable) failure. So voters take their anger out by voting against the insiders. And since all the respectable people are inside the political tent, backing and being identified with failed policies, that means a big vote for extremists right and left."

my lord voters running to extremes
both left and right ..the center may not hold..the men in jack boots just over the horizon...

but errrr

even PK knows the center is wrong ....dead wrong
both in the euro zone and of course here too

and yet cling he will
to the "center left"

the softee head of the choiceless choice ballot box dog

cause paul loveth liberty beyond all understanding
and gosh darn
Lady liberty IS the vital center

ya ya he lacks all conviction
but madame
is that not ever so ?

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Well, as usual, the first thing I heard this morning upon emerging from REM sleep was the babbling heads on Morning Joe (hey, what can I say, the DW holds the remote with an iron hand), and they were discussing the elections in France and Greece -- or, at least as much as US babbling heads can discuss anything happening outside the US, especially in an "election" year -- and all they could do is talk about how parties on the "extreme" right and left made big gains, and chewing their nails over how this would influence the US "elections", and agonizing over the question "will the center hold?".

Needless to say, you can imagine my glee over all the clucking and fretting over the fate of "centrists" and "moderates".

Later on in the morning, I stuck my head into the bedroom as the DW continued sucking down her daily diet of MSNBC noise, and heard some more babbling heads chirping about the Warren Vs. Brown matchup in Massachusetts; one babbler characterized Warren as a "classic Liberal" while another babbler disagreed, citing Warren's blue-collar family roots as evidence that she was a "moderate".

Oh, how I laughed.

Solar Hero:

And Dick Lugar hits the unemployment line! (or will he run Indy a la Liberman?)


solar see post above


i was seriously thinking of joining the Warren
ship of fools voyage
when i get back to the commonwealth

do a little insider lampooning

she ceratinly will do no additional harm
over brown bread

if i happen
by dint of golden tongued
door to dooring
get her elected eh ?

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