who's afraid of full employment capitalism ?

By Owen Paine on Wednesday May 9, 2012 10:01 AM

" Full employment capitalism will, of course, have to develop new social and political institutions which will reflect the increased power of the working class."

" If capitalism can adjust itself to full employment, a fundamental reform will have been incorporated in it."

" If not, it will show itself an outmoded system which must be scrapped"



some here suggest we "know" capitalisn can not make itself over
will not engineer perpetual full employment

in fact not even run a NAIRU line all the time policy

might we not inquiry ...why ?

if it means higher immediate profits ?

paul kleinernuggetman:

"we're currently producing around a trillion dollars less of value each year than we could and should be producing..... We're talking here about valuable products that could and should have been manufactured but weren't, wages and profits that could and should have been earned but never materialized. "


note wages AND PROFITS higher PROFITS thru keynesianism ...!!!!

are we simultaneously
cartooning board room motives
" short run greed heading ...anything goes
increase our immediate profits maximo

and contradicting this cartoon
with a myth
a vague image of higher capitalist guardians
possessed of a demonic super contextual
deeply long run class oriented
exploitation system preserving..... black magic wisdom ?

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Capitalism "will show itself an outmoded system which must be scrapped."

Yes, and a grand proletarian uprising against icebergs and clouds will presage the scrapping of capitalism, heralding the deliverance once and for all of the toiling classes from the whip and yoke of their capitalist taskmasters - the running-dog bandits of imperialist world domination.


there are few illusions held here
by the site posters and readers
you can puncture
with gleeful nihilism

i'm sure you realize that
pied guy

just can't resist eh ?

i know the feeling

i get it
when my SO/DP is pulling
a souffle
out of the oven

its 'the fourth stooge'
fighting to come out in all of us
semi-idiot child-guys

Hi Op,

Actually, I consider myself "full-idiot" but that might be only a semantical difference from your point of view.

Really though, although a grand revolt would be interesting to see, the chances of it happening in any of our lifetimes is about zero to negative 56.

The "working masses," so long as they have their beer, smart phones, pro sports and reality programs are going to remain more docile than even cows after milking.

Scrapping capitalism? Under present conditions, it's about as likely as an invasion from outer space.


i don't share your gloom pied

i think yours is a fair assessment
"scrapping capitalism "
here in norte amigo at any rate
is not
on my personal
" waiting for" list

but i think you may underestimate
wage class movement potential

i guess
you look back at the CIO as no big whoop

and only something like say
a yank version of catalonia circa 1936
right here in amerika
has any chance to you into hard pecker mode

ya keep your pants zipped

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