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By Owen Paine on Sunday June 3, 2012 08:36 AM

while the english are the tops at buggaring others
the irsh have a genius for buggaring themselves

or something like that ...

a few days back this great truth was dmonstrated again and in finest fashion

on the last day in May
50% of the irish vote eligible citizenry turned out for a collective choice

vote no and say" fuck you "
to the masters of europe
or vote yes to taking it up the general arse

by 6 to 4 they choose taking it in the arse

in fact a whole protocal of taking it in the arse
on a regular basis
taking it till their collective bung hole could handle a mongol invasion

let us hope the proud acheans show the brass cubes old ireland seemingly lacks

now i hasten to drop in here

We Paines have more then a dab of irish injection
and saints preserve us
we try to carry on jaw set
nose to the wind despite it

but comes news like this ...and the Paine head
doth dolorously shake

as if it were
the soul's last door
swinging slowly silently solemly

an unhinged sligo gate
turning in a torrid vernal breeze


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Just like the Lisbon Treaty, the procedure is to hold as many referenda on the same question as it takes.


Lessons in "democracy":

Here is the paradox that sustains the ‘free vote’ in democratic societies: one is free to choose on condition that one makes the right choice. This is why, when the wrong choice is made (as it was when Ireland rejected the EU constitution), the choice is treated as a mistake, and the establishment immediately demands that the ‘democratic’ process be repeated in order that the mistake may be corrected.



"when the wrong choice is made
the choice is treated as a mistake"

exactly so
on another modal plain:

i liked what happened
to the greek PM
for suggesting a referendum
on the troika predation plan

dislodging a PM is child's play
compared to ... ousting ...THE POTUS !


sk why the bobo-link to zizzzy ?
i notice the use of "uniformed" in the lede
to me that provokes marching bands
fast food counter help
and manhattan doormen
not black shirts and the american legion
or for that matter the guardian angels

modern political uberrclass/race thugs
---at least here in 'murka--
affect the patchy sartorial anarchy
of 60's bikers

i thought you shared
view on
scary fascists are coming
ie pure misdirection

even in marginal common market systems

Did the Irish choose, or did some Irish voters (mostly the older, Catholic, conservative ones) make a choice?

Ian Welsh made a similar argument, and it didn't read true then, either. Democratic-seeming voting gives the impression that the majority of a captive population decides, and is therefore responsible for the outcome.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


op, not me on the "scary fascists are coming" bandwagon. Ruling class here is made of sterner stuff than in Germania or Italia. They have no need for catapulting upstarts to the heights. Heck, even on the blue moon occasion when POTUS is forced to give up his seat, he remains entertaining, secure in the knowledge that the charade will go on.

Hehe, Zizzy like most who find inspiration in Marx and Hegel is a human blunderbuss and remains well within hailing distance of the 5-15% quotability index of that fun-seeking crowd ;)


jack thanx for the comment always envigorating
if as ever
filled with caste iron ding donging

par example:

voting gives the 'impression'
that the majority
of a 'captive 'population decides"

ill worded

seemimg ? ? impression ??
captive ??

" and is therefore responsible for the outcome"

of course they are

in particular i'll stipulate their captivity ***

if they don't even test
the limits of their "cage" ??

i guess they are captives of the society that
in conjunction with their brain
produced their minds
but a helot nation?
or a jim crowed nation?

are you suggeesting the irish of today and of say the famine decade
are the same except for the size of the food rations ?

yes all cows in a field are black
during an eclipse
but distinctions between cows colors
and color patterns
exist at other times

the participation rate (50%)
is in the text above

you're not nit wit enough
to take that low turn out
as a massive boycott ..are u ?

more likely half of eligible ireland
weighed the consequences
-- ie secondary or less --
and decided
" not worth the effort"

as my daughter said to me
on the phone last night

for a nation that for generations
sustained itself on symbolic defiance
this was a disquieting burst of biedermeier caution

even for ireland's lace curtain
(and voting) classes
recall as sk has
the emeralds did reject
that minions' death pact
of a constitution


recall as sk has
the emeralds did reject
that minions' death pact
of a constitution

All the more reason not to leave the results up to something as frivolous as a real election this time around. What was it Stalin said about tallying the votes? Elections are a charade to give elite dictates the false appearance of popular consent. If the banksters could be voted out of power, who the fuck wouldn't vote against them?


It's pretty simple really (and hardly "ding dong"). Vote fetishizers confuse a plurality of voters casting a single set of ballots, bound by localized conditions and narrowed political awareness, with a market campaign branded as the "national will."


U don't understand what u haven't already understood

I doubt you always thought like that

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