ballot boxed democracy

By Owen Paine on Tuesday June 19, 2012 07:42 PM

egypt has two winners in this weekends voting

its re-putin russia in a breeze

greece gets to redo till it gets it right

wisconsin couldn't recall a plutocrats lackey
without electing ..a plutocrats lackey

and well
you know
ireland ever the red sox of nations
beggared itself anew

I just read how comrade bob avakian's acolytes
want to tell all us wage helots
our ballot boxed democracy
is so fraudulent so vestigial
we geefs here at the bottom of one of the planets pyramids
tend to see conspiracy everywhere

the tease :

"Why do we live in such a fucked-up world?

(even with free elections up the ass : ed )
Why are decisions so clearly out of the hands of the masses of people?

And why do these decisions always run so sharply against the interests of these masses?

Why do a few people control enormous amounts of wealth... while many more swim frantically to keep their heads above water... and the vast majority are ground down and chained to a life of misery, no matter what they do? "


just how do the guys at the top of the stairs
tap all of us around so easily ?

are we benighted .....are our brightest and most effective bought off ....
are we drugged....wedged into feeble pieces.......overawed ..... cowed ?

regardless .. look where you will
these people's preference pollings
are getting themselves a bad aroma lately

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the Uncle Sam sponsored egyptian brass
surely give us the deepest x-ray of the modern state

stepping forth to engineer a legal coup

dissolve the parliament and now put its thumb on the president elect ..which ever that proves that to be
and like the prussian state resere to the armed forces the task of deciding its own budget

that of course is only ..for now


of course over cigars
the Scaf can say

"well we're not like Algeria in the early 90's
or Syria today ...not yet anyway

Al Schumann:

I've never managed to make it all the way through an RCP article. After a couple of paragraphs, it's like being trapped in a locked lecture hall with a speaker who is chewing on the lectern and raging at his own notes.


The writers seem shocked that "liberal-minded" groups would make common cause with their supposed ideological opponents. That is a sly propaganda technique.


in case anyone reads the above post
i want it on the record prior to any snide comments

this faux naif persona is to open a re think mechanism
in certain heads

writers think even as they rewrite
thinkers rethink even as they write


"There is only one word to describe these theories: wrong. Actually, there's another word, too: poisonous."

but couldn't it be the illuminati themselves poisoning us with these theories????

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