Cultural Marxism

By Al Schumann on Wednesday June 27, 2012 12:43 PM

The Sandwichman has done the heavy lifting on the topic. Me, I find accusations of "Cultural Marxism" to be bad for my moral character. If I can undermine capitalism simply by being who I am, there's no need to do anything else. Wouldn't that be fun? It would be hipster heaven, which is enough reason to feel slightly nauseous.

I have a theory about the origins of the Cultural Marxism bogeyman. The New Right was infamous for its excesses of self-indulgence and inability to handle them. They played around with sybaritic anti-authoritarianism before settling down to a life of resentful propriety. Big deal, eh? But they needed scapegoats. A "Cultural Marxist" could have told them their experiences were nothing new and nothing to get so upset about. Privileged youngsters have cut loose, many with later regrets, for all of recorded history. Those that get over themselves settle down and maybe enjoy a few moments of nostalgia. Those that don't get over a trivial little thing go on to stuff themselves silly with paranoid, exculpatory polemics. It's tawdry. It's sad. And sometimes dangerous lunatics run with it.

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Marxism has become "a hobby of rich people’s children" in the First World. Perhaps that is what it was fated to be all along in MFA programs had it not been for the interregnum created by "state effect" of Lenin's takeover of post-Czarist Russia ("Ideology must have a state that is perceived as successful to be internationally popular").

As for these "scavenger ideologues" (George Mosse's term) dragging in forgotten writings of Marcuse, this is just a standard critical mass building tactic in the party building stage of Fascism that these creeps find themselves stuck in at the moment:

It's a political technique, a way of dealing with certain symptoms of crisis in society. It is characterized by appeals to feelings of unease—fear, loathing and hatred. It always identifies a scapegoat—Jews, blacks, Muslims—who are then blamed for everything.


"resentful propriety"

I sometimes wonder if there's any other kind.


I have a rather low opinion of "cultural Marxism" myself, albeit for different reasons than the right-wankers. It's led to social/cultural issues becoming more important to much of the Left over labor and civil rights. From the neo-fascists' point-of-view, they should be promoting the philosophy rather than furiously denouncing it.

Al Schumann:

The cultural Marxist bees in the wingnut bonnet are usually a direct product of capitalism. The most determined enforcers of "political correctness" are corporations intent on harvesting the markets for identity commodities and identity services. Massive corporations have internal enforcement of workplace tolerance. I count academia as a combination of both.


The ruling class works both sides of the ideological divide to get the results it needs. Get a bunch of bubble-headed bourgeois twats to run around telling working class white people about their "privilege" and then get some plain-speaking demagogue on the Right to denounce them. Right-wing demagoguery with PC academic liberal bullshit works better than right-wing demagoguery alone.

I have no idea what cultural marxism is. I followed the link and it looked like a bunch of gibberish.

I am of course, the somewhat intoxicated drunk pundit, so that's probably the issue there.

Perhaps a few more drinks will allow me to ascertain the meaning.

Al Schumann:

Drunk Pundit, a bunch of gibberish is about right. Sandwichman tracked down the worst of it and drove a stake through its heart. The drinks are still necessary, needless to say, but you've already ascertained the meaning.

"The drinks are still necessary, needless to say, but you've already ascertained the meaning."

Dammit Al, I can't troll around here at all can I? You're blowing my cover dude!



DP, no problemo if your eyes glazed over trying to get a handle on "cultural Marxism". As Sandwichman says the writings of Marcuse offer as much insight into what motivates Breivik and Lind as reading a forgery like Protocols of the Elders of Zion offers into the "motivating passions" of psychopaths like Goebbels and Hitler.

This is what George Mosse—who was in Berlin as a gay, Jewish man when Hitler rode to power—meant by "scavenger ideology". The object of hatred and it's idiosyncracies are almost beside the point. The point is that there must be an object of hatred on which all the Nation's ills can be pinned and if this leads to shoving millions of human bodies into ovens or exterminating dozens of teenagers in an afternoon then that's a price these psychopaths in their jacked-up heads are "willing to pay".

Feel free to read Marx or Marcuse in your spare time, just don't try to make any link between their ideas and the farrago of fear and hatred that swirls in the minds of Breivik, Lind, Wilders, or any of the other Neofascists who stepped out of the woodwork after 9/11.

"just don't try to make any link between their ideas and the farrago of fear and hatred that swirls in the minds of Breivik, Lind, Wilders, or any of the other Neofascists who stepped out of the woodwork after 9/11"

SK, those who hate find their own links to feed their hate. They don't need our help to do that.

And 9/11 may have acted as an accelerant, but the neofascists are just like the paleofascists in all the ways that matter, and they've been with us since Gobekli Tepe.

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