cut the medicare docs fees by 20%

By Owen Paine on Wednesday June 6, 2012 07:42 PM

"the 1997 Balanced Budget Act was designed to hold down Medicare costs by setting yearly and cumulative spending targets. If actual spending exceeds the target for a given year, reimbursement rates for doctors are lowered the next year....
Expenditures have exceeded projections for the past seven years
and Congress has passed legislation to override the fix all seven years"

so hack em now !!!!

tempted ?

i am.... but ...going after the merit class extra-ord-in-aire not say... big pharma
proly amounts to fools gold class revenge
when our eyes oughta be on corporate medicine

of course the dembots want to fix this once and for all ..they love the Welby set
just like they love that nadir of misguided merit.... the trial lawyers
--- aka the beneficent league of ambulance chasers --

i must admit if it came to a choice i'd smot the Welbys first

the contingency shysters
are a pack of dollar hounds much more to my liking

the price tag here up or down ?
25 billion a year
or less then 1/6 th of one percent of gdp on average over the next ten years ...

but think of the howling ?

that starts my motor

ahhh but i must retain my pwogressive orientation
and wage class discipline

but ohh i can hear them now
only the bleet of gored tenured professors
would be a sweeter music to my hideous pink ear

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Actually it's designed to drive the docs into the waiting arms of hedge, venture and private equity. Buyout the practices, bring the whole financial "model" to medicine and bilk Medicare far more effectively and creatively than docs every dared. Columbia HCA model. Hedgies will no doubt issue pharma directives to the docs, do bonus incentives and track prescribing to lock in pharma stock profits. Once that happens the next step is oust the docs and replace with lower paid PA/NPs; but bill out at doc rates on medicare and pretend it was unitentional (again Columbia HCA only did it w/residents).
Already testing driving this baby with w/dentists & Medicaid.

I'm inclined to agree with dd. Aspen Dental seems to be the model for the tooth pullers. I've noticed the MD specialists coagulating into gigantic groups.

The GP's seem to be lagging behind for some reason. Maybe they're not a priority because they're the minimum wage workers of the medicine pay scale? Another reason?


I agree too

The twin processes of corporate profiteer invasion
Of health and education relies on a revolutionary change
in the technical basis of both

That doctors nurses teachers and professors will get smashed up here
Is one of those brutal two headed outcomes Clio is so fond of

Progress drenched in Misery

But I felt far worse for the steel auto and road jockey crowd
Then I will for doc Med and doc Phil

In no case does the social " savings " compensate for the un necessary slaughter of decent nurses and teachers
But the profit motive driven forces of change
can grind exceedingly fine


The welbys aka GPs aren't the point of maximal cost reduction
It's the specialists

The system is quite perverse really

Specialties could be dramatically cut back in education requirements and of course compensation
The Brits control their specialists far Better then we do
And that's pre diagnostic and procedural revoltions in "production"
The care factory of the near future if socially permitted could prolly turn specialties into computer assisted tech jobs

Surgery is of course the big boondoggle
90% elevator music to 10% virtuosi turns


Computers will replace the Welbys. No profit in them and their knowledge is being templated so that PAs can easily replace them. Patients will not get near a medical provider anyway unless the computer gives the A-okay.
As for specialists, they will be the Senior VPs overseeing PA's via computer and pouring their brains into templates that will eliminate the need for them as well.
Surgeons don't escape either because robotics is already here and it's only a matter of time before PA's will do the work. There will be fewer patients too because the computer won't okay surgery for "non-complaint" patients.

Cash of course will allow one to bypass the entire process and get you to your doctor of choice.

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