hellenic comprador semi comprador party coalition tries to split the difference

By Owen Paine on Tuesday June 26, 2012 10:28 AM



greek soaper update:

implicit take away headline
for us plain pinkos of amerika :

the broad popular left party SYRIZA can play opposition
even as the new government haggles with troika :

"New Democracy, Pasok ( C )and the Democratic Left (SC)
(read here comprador C /semi comprador SC parties) agree :

".. plans to cut 150,000 public-sector jobs should be scrapped, also ...
reduce sales tax for cafes, bars, restaurants and the agricultural industry,
and increase the threshold for paying income tax.....cuts envisioned for 2013 and 2014 should come from public spending and clamping down on tax evasion and not from pension and wage cuts or from the public investment budget. ... cutting the minimum wage by 22 percent be repealed.....
Unemployment benefit should be paid for two years instead of one. "

note well:

the great trans national corporate heist :

ie the plan
" to raise 50 billion euros from state asset sales half of which are real estate "
is still slated for implemented.... with modifications :

modifications ?

"... negotiate with creditors that some of the state assets
like the national rail company OSE
, be carried out through public-private partnerships"

The trans nat corporate heist " .. was halted after the country’s first election on May 6 produced no government. "

the assualt on the EZ job class may be losing its BIG MO

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