the troika will not lehmanize greece

By Owen Paine on Monday June 18, 2012 08:41 AM

why not ?

the troika under all its scolding and threatening
plans to hold together the zone

letting greece out
ie creating an Argentine moment wil back fire badly

after ejection from the zone greece will likely restore itself
faster then if greece stays inside the zone

imagine the impact of that example on the rest of the prodigal euro masses ?

call them the PIISers
the unfortunate wretched job classes still in the ECB'S corral of cruelty?

the greeks skate and prosper ?
while we take the teutonic rogering ?

the zone must be preserved as is !!!!

the greeks like old dixie have no voluntary exit
the doors are barred
they must stay inside this great horror ranch
and take the beatings
like dickensian children

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The elites didn't spend all this time and effort creating the eurozone without popular input just to let the people have a say in the matter.

The only question is if they'll be naughty or nice in keeping everyone corralled.


rising to bait: "like old dixie"?... staying "inside this great horror ranch"?... "taking beatings"?

Sen. Lott applauds your historical slant!

"Sen. Lott applauds your historical slant!"

At least the Nazi's, er, ehm... the Germans aren't invading Greece. Right????

Who won WWII?

Al Schumann:

Boink, have you read that as approbation? I know Owen well enough to say that it isn't. The parallel breaks down pretty quickly, but there are similarities, e.g. both forcibly integrated into capitalism, aristocratic plunder economies, brutal class warfare. That Old Dixie was a holdout against capitalism doesn't make it laudable. Sen. Lott must save his applause for fanning his anus.


I read the parallels as (today's Greek drachma proponents) == (old dixie's secessionists). And I think the parallel is not good and is made less so by talking about being made to stay on the ranch and take beatings... you know, the slaves and so forth.

Maybe I misunderstand what is being said.

Al Schumann:

I see, sort of. Maybe not, though. Owen will doubtless clarify somewhere along the line, but I don't think he would see the drachma proponents as comparable to the secessionists. The drachma proponents are usually people like Krugman, Baker and Galbraith, who at least try to be on the side of the angels. The Troika, on the other hand, has a lot in common with the plantation aristocracy, up to and including military solutions to labor problems.


By " Greek drachma proponents" I was referring to Greeks desiring or willing to leave the Euro Zone by adopting the drachma. To put their plight on a footing with "old dixie's" efforts to escape the clutches of A. Lincoln and northeastern capital in 1860 back-burners the "curious institution" with its patty-rollers and whippings and cripplings in a way that Sen. Lott might applaud.


i must confess i was looking
straight at the mandatory unionist brutes
that equally opposed abolitionist
northern secession in the 1850's
and of this
primarily the northern capitalists'huge benefit
from the foreign revenues earned by the ante bellum
slave "worked" southern plantations

as to the ranch metaphor
that was not intended as a parallel

it never occured to me
anyone would carry the parallel past
the issue of union and secession
in particular NOT parallels
in mode of production

as to back-burning
the "curious institution"

i confess the yoking of nice today greece
with nasty old dixie
was an act of recklessness
of a sort that appeals to me

i like rousing the rightfully
inattentive reader
with gratuitous clashings

like the de rigour fist fights speedy chases and gun play
often at programed intervals
of less then 2 minutes in 30's serials
or cut aways to cute pet reaction shots
in 70's saturday morning action cartoons


but i must add
it causes me chagrin
that all i can provoke in you
is a desire to go "gotcha "

(or was it to display PC vigilance ?)

but hey
i get what i deserve
when i post up less then compelling
bits and pieces

be assured my future writing will be equaly reckless

like the scorpion
its my nature whatever the consequences


PC vigilance. I never sleep.


dp and hj
got the point

no amount of inflicted misery
(short of armed invasion)
looks beyond the ECB's
continental corporate class granted
"mandate "

as no amount of misery was beyond
the grand army of the republic
in crushing "the rebellion"

both seem to me
much like the repression of the vendee
or anarchist barcelona

again different
in the emasculated case of greece v EZ
by no likely resort to official gunplay
on the part of troika directed forces

i trust those added parallels
help muddy the moral myopia even more

the key comparison de jour is to Argentina
12 years ago eh ?

a possible nice point

the Argentine default though a larger "taking"
was met quite differently
then restoring control of the Malvinas

the days of literal gun boat diplomacy
may not be over

uncle's carrier fleets are never all at rest

but collecting debts
more often then not
no longer involves sending in the sheriff
with a posse of heavy cruisers

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