FED up to here ?

By Owen Paine on Sunday July 29, 2012 12:25 PM

common knowledge
this ever degenerate
recklessly infidel site
often smirks at our leading liberal Gov-cult
Supremes worship

and those capricious one dimensional demigods
deserve every smirk they get here x 10

a kafkaesque insect olympus if there ever was one

but as the great Colossus sez "there is another "

that is ... Al Hamilton's national incubus


Guardian of our money's worth

now just why isn't this outfit star gazed upon by liberals
like they gaze upon the naughty and nice over at that
giant flea circus on first street ?

ya ya ya the babbit clubers all gaze on our credit governors over there
but they are nothing to us ...eh ?
simple creatures of shameless avarice
and ...much worse ...
to a man every jack and tom of em ... ghoulish graspers and .hoarders....

so why don't leading enlightened figures u know well regarded members in good standing
of the socratic wing of our merit class
why don't THEY put the skunk eye on the FED ?

why when the subject of the FED comes up
and the moment to hear from a jeremiah arrives
must we always get the likes of RON PAUL
or some other self appointed walking dead 100% reserve " specie " kook ?

to put as fine a point as possible on it
why aren't hollywood progressives like what's her name ... babs striderite
and .... and shit ... mugs cooney
up there on david letterman yammering away
against that four square bandits decoy
gentle ben bernanke ?

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They're all liberals; which is to say, all lawyers at heart.


all lawyers at heart

that father is the skeleton key
just about every room in the liberal mansion

unattached bath house included

they are all lawyers ...all sophists
lawyers that use the clark kent cover line

"we're secular humanist "

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