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By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday July 3, 2012 09:52 PM

he has been classically trained as a film scholar.
Trained, eh? Roll over! Play dead!

Or as Faustus trenchantly observes:

Du hast wohl recht; Ich finde nicht die Spur
Von einem Geist; und alles ist Dressur.
(You're right; I don't see any trace of a soul; it's all training.)

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Don't blame the puppy!!!!

Dog lover. <------------


I blame the trainer.


And of course the 'classical' aspect of the training was the Skinner box, as in classical conditioning: Bzzzt! Wrong!

"I blame the trainer. "


How sweet! They chopped off the tail and ears, gently choked it into submission over a period of months, and surgically removed its reproductive abilities--and all at a lower overall cost than developing and maintaining a personal services robot. FTW!

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