gaff tastic mitt update

By Owen Paine on Saturday July 28, 2012 10:54 AM

no sooner had i given mitt
the paine "nod


then damned if he don't go tuskless board room boar on me ....

and in england yet
geeeeeze laweeeze

shittin the bed right there in the home of no crust high tea
and rancid old boy low blows ....


u can read here a prim accounting of this terrible tale
the romney shambles
' noddle mouth abroad'

i just had to fish out this one flaunder for ya :

"The American capitalists-turned-statesmen of an earlier generation

—Douglas Dillon, Averell Harriman, Robert Lovett, John McCloy,
Dean Acheson , Paul Nitze—

took risks, built institutions, rejiggered postwar Europe,
and in the doing befriended their foreign counterparts:
in short, they cultivated an internationalist sensibility ....."

internationalist sensibility ?

what a label eh ?

i mean come on here

dean acheson !!!! '......christ !
just the mere mention of that Sith's name
oughta blow all the feathers off a mourning dove

at any rate

i gotta ask u
who don't yet know
the imperial high dragon Potus
like the Doge of old
is a simple captive of "the global interests"

if the intended implication of this piece happens to be
something like
mr mitt romney as emperor
would be nothing more or less then a doltish sub orbital spread eagle bully boy
u know
one of those
" hard nosed ....bottom line" guys
ready and willing
to bust up any raised pinky type international crockery
that gets in his way

ya ...a little bush 2.0

let me simply note in this regard one small fact

could anyone....anyone possibly be more "the home grown pugnacious corn stalk "
then 'give em hell ' harry truman ?

and yet harry--- god bless his two ounce soul -- is the very Potus that oversaw
the best and brightest of these genteel pirates ..... most importantly

yes the red dean himself

grand highfazolla fulgencio t acheson



to be scrupulously careful and fair

fred the kapstraw...the fatuous slate snake

has it right here so far as he goes ...of course he has it right

mitt is a typical hot house
american board room venus fly trap

not some voice of the hegemonic metropole like ..well like
houston's own self made world viewer
jungle jim baker

but fred's dead wrong too

mitt will take advice from wall street on foreign ventures .....believe me he will
just like he has on strictly domestic ventures
since he got out of his business short pants
back in the early 80's

today wall street wants pax amerikan not TR rough housing least for a decent interval

while these nasty fuckers from laputa finish vacuuming the big north markets of earth

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