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By Owen Paine on Friday July 27, 2012 02:39 PM

if MITT gets the ballot box nod this fall for next january
--- beating the SMBIVA /PAINE ' ten foot poll ' odds ----
then we got questions to answer eh ?

will he rebuild the sunday punch
behind uncle's global reach ?

will he beef up big Sam's sagging armadas of air and sea ?

in slashing the rich man's taxes
will he cut us a little slack too ?

let me suggest this future perfect conjecture :

whatever security spending he orders
and whatever taxes he cuts
we of the sugary pink persuasion oughta be grateful
the god damn votin majority chose him

'cause brothers and sisters
Uncle is gettin careful on social spending
no matter which head gets the people's approval
stamped on its brow this november

yup ..... u catch my implication..of course u do

i'm suggesting a first term MITT
will spend more and run bigger deficits
then a second term BARRY

now add to this 4 years of unified domestic opposition
and i claim u have 4 better years with this ball -less mormon creep
then taking 4 more of barry the burnt orange lincoln

errrr macronomically speaking of course
which is how my reductio- productionist job-esity of a bashburger mind
weighs imperial policy stuff

ya ... despite the trace memory of" the way I were"

i strongly urge we push for peace and burning streets
vote romney
at least in ohio

reactions among us
to MITT'S version of sanctimony may surge
in ways too enraging to subdue ...but hey its all good isn't it
...any rage is friendly rage
and on the struggle side of the ledger


but PAINE ...what about IMPERIAL WARS ?
this guy is a flying monkey

MITT ?? are u shittin me ???

to quote my pal foggy throat :

" elect him and you elect 4 years of imperial peace abroad
and synchro-dynamic class war at home

what the fuck more can u want ?
that board room fink knows damn well
uncle can steal more with a briefcase
full of " trade agreements" then with 100 thousand predators
paine the bastard 'll build em for sure
but just to hangar em "

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Well, that only holds true if Mitt is the only one making the ‘war’ decisions, and there’s all that newly discovered water lying underneath Africa (even aside from that huge fossil water aquifer Libya sits on) to corporatize. Speaking of which, the lack of fourth estate mention as to the UZ stand regarding the recent ousting in Paraguay was curious, to say the least.

Of course, if one does a search on the issue, Alex Jones and Infowars are already beating the drums, but that doesn’t negate the reality, as it likely (to my mind) was intended to do, it just murks it up.

At any rate, I won’t be voting for either the creep Mormon, or Obomber.

now add to this 4 years of unified domestic opposition
and i claim u have 4 better years with this ball -less mormon creep...

For the next four years, the streets will suddenly be full of pissed-off people, most of whom will be outraged Democrats and Liberals who sat on their asses for the past five years because the guy doing the torturing, jailing, bombing, assassinating and corporate cocksucking had a little "D" after his name, and who are now beside themselves because the guy doing the torturing, jailing, bombing, assassinating and corporate cocksucking has a little "R" after his name.

Basically, with Mittens, all the fair-weather protesters who threw away their signs and banners and went home after Bush left office will magically reappear, having suddenly remembered how vehemently they opposed torture, imprisonment without charges, the bombing of civilians, assassinations, and corporate stooging.


Everything Mike says would come to pass. But also the white working stiffs would get even more pissed off under Pres Mitt because they wouldnt have the Manchurian-Socialist-Muslim to kick around anymore. You get to class war much faster under Mitt and a GOP lock on both houses of congress.


"You get to class war much faster under Mitt "
and our ample popular front oughta include
as many truant left-dembots as reasonable

mike has it correct above
but is he being savvy ?

seems likely if they wil follow rather then lead
why not let em join the band wagon
fair weather friends are friends indeed fair weather.... no ?

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