Protected Concerted Activity

By Owen Paine on Sunday July 8, 2012 10:26 AM

long time friend and comrade
herbie sorrell
grandson of
the late great herbert n sorrell

sent this along


"spread this around ..put it on fuzzy smiffs site ..etc etc ..
ya never know who might be just browsin' thru and read it "

the job site liberation ( JSL)**** movement has leverage within existing law
and along a trail of court decisions

look here for starters

go back to your job site and start talkng about this the next time safety issues
or bonus cuts or scheduling tyranny
or other corporate/mangerial ethical or legal transgressions arise on site


the right to self oganize at the job site
the right to employee " concerted actions"

and the right to concerting itself
is protected by federal law !

no unions needed gang


okay so u don't trust the NLRB
ya the NLRB are the cops and courts in this area

ya ya there's a very clear record of failure to enforce
lots and lots needless casualties here
and of course
pro corporate appointments to the boards are unbiquitous

but .......

dedicated organizers
can use these very failures to enforce and protect by the NLRB
to mobilize community action

i don't need to tell any of u
demanding justice
case by case
for real
right there in front of u
can be a wildly effective social catalyst

ya gotta
put the crime against this fellow corporate worker
before the court of public oppinion

obvious the strategic mission is simple enough

force the NLRB itself
and the administration and congress behind it
to face these failures and the lawless job site dictatorships
the NLRB not only abides but aides and abets

yes we need a national movement targeting the NLRB

when a broad pattern of documented failure emerges
and you know u can count on that

the pattern of failure by the NLRB
already exists
and it will only grow clearer and larger
that is
if and when
protected concerted actions become

a daily....

massively frequent ...

national corporate job site reality


rule one

know the law
its shape its reach and its history

act one

find people wiling to get fired and to fight back afterwards

*** web site under construction

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Perfect Skin Kardashian:

Keep stickin' it to Big Hyperlink, Owen. Anarchism will ALWAYS be about copying and pasting links instead of clicking them and using tons of line breaks instead of punctuation and never using capital letters B)

Steve Early and Rand Wislon have a good article on nonmajority unions and what workers not represented by a union can do in terms of concerted activity. It is titled "Back to the Future:Union Survival Strategies in Open Shop America," and it is in Wisconsin Uprising: Labor Fights Back (Monthly Review Press). My friend Ellen Dannin argues that union lawyers seldom try in their briefs in unfair labor practice and union representation elections to educate judges (who are trained mainly in property and contract law) about the National Labor Relations Act, it principles and statement of purpose, which protect concerted actions no matter whether a union is present or not. See her book, Taking Back the Workers Law (Cornell U. Press). Sometimes even a single person can act concertedly in a nonunion shop and be protected against employer retaliation. See



the key update here is
in essence

bombard the NLRB headquaters

first flood em with cases
then picket the cubes off em

OWS types have a big role to play here one can imagine

we need lots of folks willing to take work at our big commercial and service outfits

openly concert on site
and get fired
and stick to the battle till resolution

as to the roll of "the unions "

i think its obvious
these at best reluctant allies
are still indespensible

using old bill fosters three way cut

militants regular workers and union "officials"

and bills sound advice

not to isolate the militants from the regulars
nor by pass scare or shun the pie cards

we must make a place at the head table for the
union much as possible

well its all in his "organize the unorganized"
wriiten in the early 20's ...pre NLRB


crying union isn't the thin edge of the wedge here

recall militants' usage of the NRA
mandated employee associations
the infamous company unions

the conflation of the outside business union
and the company union is not simply polemics

however the business union's claims
of employee sovereignty
is not simply agitprop either
but that's another threads worth

the point here

any form can be used by a core of savy oreganizers and militants


The Sorrell article is very nicely done, BTW.

A brief stint as a professional boxer is a great prelude to organizing unions and taking on the mouse.


You can definitely see your skills in the work you write.
The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who
are not afraid to say how they believe. All the
time follow your heart.

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