By Al Schumann on Saturday July 28, 2012 01:05 AM

Another evil of the robot is the ill-will it begets between the masters and the workmen: their whole lives seem to be a constant effort, on the one hand, to see how much can be pressed out of the reluctant peasant; and, on the other, how little can be done to satisfy the terms of agreement, and escape punishment. Mutual injury becomes a mutual profit; suspicion and ill-will are the natural results

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Every office has its robot: the chipper, platitudinous goody-good whose wondrous productivity is meant to be an example to us all and a stick with which to beat us. You learn to avoid them, these smirking myrmidons, and their endlessly perky patter: "Yeah, it looks like it's gonna be another scorcher. But you know what I say? Just think cool thoughts! Ya know?"

Oh, sure, they really knock out the work. Too bad it's often crap: shoddy, passable screw-ups that others may eventually have to fix. Management understands this and couldn't care less. When production is all, getting stuff done right tends to be an impediment.

Utter cynicism dwells behind those smiley robot faces: expect no justice; expect no fairness; expect no common decency; get others before they get you. Pretty damn nasty when cornered, too, in that jammed-button manner of the corporate automaton when its shtik encounters a snag.

Al Schumann:

Every now and then, the perky masks drop. When they do, you can see the snarls of fear. There are better stakhanovites waiting for the right moment to make their moves.


superb sandy effort

the game of corvee has a capitalistical analogue

much has been done since doubt ...
to flesh out this shadow casting flash
of neumanian satire

but it shares the clear
if not negative sum consequence
at least a clear sub optimality

my inner automaton urges me to
champion the coming 'algorithmic state'
but for once
i'll just leave the theatre's stage
to the great and powerful sandwitch man


"that jammed-button manner of the corporate automaton"

lovely image


"keep order by ritual "


keep order by sub routine

keep order by ritual keep order by ritual
keep order by ritual keep order by ritual
keep keep keepp ..order by ritual

keep order by ritual
keep order by ritual keep order by..... ritual keep order keep order keep order keep order

by by ritual bbbbbb byyyy ritual
by ritual

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